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Latin 1


Students develop the skills necessary to translate basic sentences from Latin into English and from English into Latin, and to read simple connected passages of Latin prose and poetry. In the process, students learn how verb conjugations and noun declensions work in a highly inflected language and how to analyze the structure of Latin sentences. The course includes a cross-cultural component, introducing students to the world of ancient Rome by allowing them to acquire knowledge of Roman institutions, practices, religious beliefs, and ideas.

The curriculum concurs with the Cambridge school of Latin; therefore, students will learn ancient high classical styles of pronunciation and grammar in lieu of generally less sophisticated medieval styles, making it possible for students to comprehend the most Latin from the widest range of time periods. Students should expect to be actively engaged in their own language learning, become familiar with common vocabulary terms and phrases, comprehend a wide range of grammar patterns, understand and analyze the cultural and historical contexts of the ancient sources they study, and take frequent assessments where their language progression can be monitored.

Iowa Core Skills or Standards:

The course has been carefully aligned to national standards as set forth by ACTFL (the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages).

Required Materials:

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Course Outline:

ILO Latin Level 1.1

Unit 1: Greetings

  • Vocabulary: Greetings
  • Grammar: Grammar Terms
  • Culture: Introduction to Rome

Unit 2: School

  • Vocabulary: School
  • Grammar: Case, Gender, and Declension
  • Culture: Early History of Rome

Unit 3: Adjectives and Colors

  • Vocabulary: Adjectives and Colors
  • Grammar: Cases, Numbers, Esse
  • Culture: The Roman Republic

Unit 4: First Declension Nouns

  • Vocabulary: First Declension Nouns
  • Grammar: First Declension Nouns
  • Culture: The Roman Empire

Unit 5: First Conjugation Verbs

  • Vocabulary: First Conjugation Verbs
  • Grammar: First Conjugation Verbs
  • Culture: Roman Religion

Unit 6: Roman Food

  • Vocabulary: Roman Food
  • Grammar: Second Declension Nouns
  • Culture: Roman Food

Unit 7: Second Conjugation Verbs

  • Vocabulary: Second Conjugation Verbs
  • Grammar: Second Conjugation Verbs
  • Culture: Roman Art

Unit 8: Roman Family

  • Vocabulary: Roman Family
  • Grammar: Third Declensions Nouns
  • Culture: Roman Family

Unit 9: Semester 1 Midterm

Unit 10: Third Conjugation Verbs

  • Vocabulary: Third Conjugation Verbs
  • Grammar: Third Conjugation Verbs
  • Culture: The Roman Domus                                

Unit 11: Prepositions

  • Vocabulary: Prepositions
  • Grammar: Review of PResent Tense
  • Culture: Roman Architecture

Unit 12: Months, Days, and Seasons

  • Vocabulary: Months, Days, and Seasons
  • Grammar: Review of Declensions
  • Culture: Roman Holidays

Unit 13: Roman Games

  • Vocabulary: Roman Games
  • Grammar: The Imperfect Tense
  • Culture: Roman Games

Unit 14: Animals

  • Vocabulary: Animals
  • Grammar: Noun Adjective Pairs
  • Culture: Roman Farms and the Country

Unit 15: Geography

  • Vocabulary: Geography and Verbs
  • Grammar: Future Tense and Numbers
  • Culture: Roman Geography

Unit 16: Irregular Verbs

  • Vocabulary: Irregular Verbs
  • Grammar: Irregular Verbs
  • Culture: The City of Rome

Unit 17: Semester Overview

  • Vocabulary: Semester Overview
  • Grammar: Review
  • Culture: Review

Unit 18: Semester 1 Final

ILO Latin Level 1.2

Unit 19: Irregular Adverb

  • Vocabulary: Irregular Adverb
  • Grammar: Adverbs
  • Culture: Romulus and Remus

Unit 20: 3rd Principal Parts

  • Vocabulary: 3rd Principal Parts
  • Grammar: Perfect Tense
  • Culture: Early Rome: The Kings

Unit 21: Adjectives

  • Vocabulary: Adjectives
  • Grammar: Comparative Adjectives
  • Culture: The Twelve Tables

Unit 22: War

  • Vocabulary: War
  • Grammar: Personal Pronouns
  • Culture: The Punic Wars, Pt. 1

Unit 23: Verbs to do with Governing

  • Vocabulary: Verbs to do with Governing
  • Grammar: Personal Pronouns, Pt. 2
  • Culture: The Punic Wars, Pt. 2

Unit 24: Occupations

  • Vocabulary: Occupations
  • Grammar: Possessive and Reflexive Pronouns
  • Culture: The Gracchi Brothers

Unit 25: Cicero

  • Vocabulary: Cicero in Catalínam I.1
  • Grammar: Relative Pronouns
  • Culture: Cicero

Unit 26: Caesar

  • Vocabulary: Gallic Wars
  • Grammar: relative pronoun, singular and plural
  • Culture: Julius Caesar

Unit 27: Semester 2 Midterm

Unit 28: Lucretius

  • Vocabulary: Lucretius, dē Rerum Nātūrā I.1
  • Grammar: Pluperfect Tense
  • Culture: The Gallic Wars

Unit 29: Seneca

  • Vocabulary: Seneca, Ep. 5 in 20-30
  • Grammar: Esse: Imperfect, Future Perfect, and Pluperfect
  • Culture: Octavian

Unit 30: Catullus

  • Vocabulary: Catullus 13
  • Grammar: Demonstrative Pronouns
  • Culture: Augustus

Unit 31: Horace

  • Vocabulary: Horace, Odes 1.11
  • Grammar: ille
  • Culture: Horace

Unit 32: Vergil

  • Vocabulary: Vergil, Aeneid I.1
  • Grammar: 3rd -io and 4th conjugation verbs
  • Culture: Vergil

Unit 33: Ovid

  • Vocabulary: Ovid, Metamorphoses III. 344-352
  • Grammar: Future Perfect Tense
  • Culture: Ovid

Unit 34: Plautus

  • Vocabulary: Plautus, Aululāria I-12
  • Grammar: Superlative Adjectives
  • Culture: Terence and Plautus

Unit 35: Livy

  • Vocabulary: Livy, Ab Urbe Condita I.8
  • Grammar: Semester Review
  • Culture: The Fall of Rome

Unit 36: Semester 2 Final