Rehearsal Notes 9/17:



Conducted in 2 at the beginning

Troy will cue the grace note two bars before ‘Lento’

More of a “drastic change” to piano 11 bars after Rehearsal A

Slight rallentando 1 bar before Rehearsal B

Slight decay from beat 1 to beat 2 at five bars after Rehearsal A (and similar motives)

Woodwinds, a little more articulated at Rehearsal B

Strings, more non-legato 5 bars after Rehearsal D

Drop the dynamic down and crescendo into Rehearsal E (starting 2 bars before Rehearsal E)

5 bars before Rehearsal F, brass decrescendo over two bars and then crescendo over one bar

Please look over Rehearsals F-H for practice at home


Attacca from Movement I

13 bars after Rehearsal B, dim. for 2 bars then cresc. for 2 bars

Rehearsal D is ‘in 1’

Emphasize the sforzando in bar 6 of ‘Tempo giusto’

At Rehearsal F, the measure becomes the beat

Strings, make sure everything lines up at Rehearsal F

‘Vivace scherzando’ is ‘in 1’

‘In 2’ at Rehearsal H

Needs to slowly speed up starting at Rehearsal H

Horns lead at Rehearsal K

‘In 1’ at Rehearsal M

Strings need to play softer at Rehearsal M

One bar before Rehearsal O, tenuto on beat 2


Play out at the beginning

When the harp enters, that is the 2nd bar of the ‘recit.’

Violas, start louder at ‘Vivo’

4 bars after Rehearsal D slightly slower, 8 bars after Rehearsal D back in tempo

Brass, ‘lift’ after the ties 10 bars before Rehearsal F

A little more espressivo at Rehearsal G

Brass, stronger 5 bars after Rehearsal K

7 before Rehearsal L, ‘lift’ after the ties

Woodwinds, try to match the volume of brass/strings six bars before Rehearsal Q


Piu Stretto=faster

More 2nd clarinet needed at Rehearsal Z

Troy will cue the grace note 7 bars from the end