Rehearsal Notes 9/25


Don't double-dot at the beginning

Don't be late on beat two in bar 34

‘Off’ on beat two in bar 1

Taper the end of the figure in bar two

Overall, “less heavy”

Bar 6, downbeat attack needs to be perfectly together

Winds, at rehearsal 2, don't trip over the grace note

Two bars before rehearsal 3, cut off on beat two

At rehearsal 3, Michael will give "3 4" as prep to the new tempo

Third bar of rehearsal 3 (beat 4), violins, should be an echo

At rehearsal 7, lift after beat 1

Massive crescendo, strings, two bars before rehearsal 5

Third bar of rehearsal 5, upper winds don't accent beats 2 and 4

Don't lose time at rehearsal 6; keep it light

Don't lose time 5 bars after rehearsal 7



16 bars after 6, drop down to piano

Softer at rehearsal 3

If you can't hear the tune, you're playing too loud at rehearsal 1

More mellow, trombones, at rehearsal 3

Trombones, accent on downbeat of four bars before rehearsal 4


11 before the end, watch Michael carefully

More brass in the first bar

Overall, keep forward motion

Match articulations at rehearsal 20

At 20A, think tenuto rather than staccato

At 21A, consistent articulations!

Don't push the tempo in the last 4 bars

Short on beat 3 of penultimate bar


Lots of energy and attitude!

Woodwinds, give it everything you've got getting into rehearsal 2

After 5, observe the ‘sempre fortissimo’

8 bars of 3, pianissimo subito (1st vlns)

10 after rehearsal 4, winds be over dramatic with slurred notes

9 after 4, accent the downbeat

No ritardando from rehearsal 6 to the end

Celli, watch ‘C#’ 5 bars from the end


START at rehearsal 28 (in #26)

Flute/clarinet can play out more 3rd bar of rehearsal 30

At rehearsal 31, winds crescendo to your 8th note

Warmer at rehearsal 32

More flute in the sound at 32

10 after 32, need to hear how the parts fit together

10 after 32, violas and celli play out

2nd bar of 33, cello/viola don't accent beat 4

Watch the ‘D-natural’ in bar 2 of rehearsal 34

1 before 37, winds really “punch it”

5 of 39, "stay FF"


Movement 1:

Taper the ends of phrases!   Don't accent the last notes of phrases!

There will be a ritardando into bar 176

Bar 168, don't start trills early

Bar 179, ‘Fp’ is with energy rather than accent

Celli, 11 before the end be right on the downbeat

Practice the trill gesture (dotted quarter followed by two 16ths followed by a half note)