We are proud to announce the launch of our Mad on Darts membership card for the 2018 Mad on Darts Tour, the owner of this card will receive benefits far greater than the initial cost of just $10, the cardholder will be entitled to discounts* from New Zealand’s leading Darts accessories retailer, early bird pricing for any Mad on Darts Tour 2018 Singles event and much much more.

        The initial cost of $10 allows you to get a sturdy plastic membership card and key fob with your own personal membership number and barcode, all money after costs will be placed into an account ready for when an opportunity arises for a New Zealand representative to make the world stage.

DartsNZ will not make any profit from the membership system, this is purely designed to benefit all competitors at our Mad on Darts Tournaments and allow a sum of money be available for example, a player/players who secure an overseas trip, this is the way we can all support New Zealand players. All membership card holders will contribute to that fund through subscription, the decision on who gets the funding will be the responsibility DartsNZ only.

What you get for your $10 Subscription Fee:

Membership cards NOW! To secure your personal membership number you will need to get in first, payment secures your membership and personal number, the more members, the more benefits, the more money saved, the more money to help our kiwi representatives on the world stage!


All the very best for 2018, Kind regards


*Discount for cardholder only, card number needs to be entered at checkout to enable discount and goods shipped to cardholders address. Membership card is non refundable or transferable. All cards expire 31/12/2018.

*Free membership draw for all paid members, Singles day only, must be there to claim or will jackpot.

*Online membership card purchase price inc of GST, and tracked delivery recommended.