The lotto winner

“Welcome to the internatIonal lotto we have Tim here to try win lotto. His numbers are 96734 and his big number is 8 Right I am going to pull the cord.” The lotto man pulled the cord. The number balls went popping round the machine. The first number was 9.” Great start.”said the introducer.the next three numbers were 673 and the last number was 4!!!!!!!! The crowd went up in cheers. Then the introducer said.”but we haven't finished yet.” He pulled another cord and said.” Tim this is your big moment. Your number is 8. Let’s see what number you catch.” He pressed a button and all the balls went flying out of the machine.” Catch one.” Said the introducer. I caught one opened it and the number inside the ball WAS 8. Again the crowd went up in cheers. The introducer yelled.” TIM YOU JUST WON 8 million dollar’s. I said to myself.” The last thing I am going to do is skydive.

Part 2 the glue cave and the nugget

About a month later a had brought everything a car,mansion,wife and a 5 week old baby. At this very moment I am standing in a helicopter that is mine and I am about to jump onto a mountain where a crew is going to catch me. I jump, open my eyes. I am skydiving, but then a big gust of wind hits me and I go off track and dive into a cave and it looks like glue. There was no signal so I walked around trying to find an exit. But then I find something better a GOLD NUGGET. So I said .” I am not leaving this here.” So I  rapp it up in leather. It was heavy but I managed. An hour later after searching through a cave with a gold nugget in my pocket I find an exit. High up in the mountain the crew were getting worriedjust as they started  walking down the mountain they found me sitting next it the exit I showed them the nugget and that is how the next day I got a ford mustang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!