Picasso Writing Group


Learning Intention

Success Criteria

To use punctuation correctly in all pieces of writing.

Use punctuation correctly in my work e.g. full stops, capital letters, and any other punctuation

I can use full stops at the end of some of my sentences.

I can use capital letters at the start of some of my sentences.

I can use other punctuation such as apostrophes ‘ commas , speech marks “ “ and sometimes I use them correctly

Myths and Legends Writing

Have I...?





Written in the past tense?

Written in 2nd and 3rd person?

Written an introduction that sets the scene?

Said ‘What the problem is?’

Said ‘What the response was?’ (What happens next and after)

Said ‘What the action was?’

Said ‘What the outcome was?’

Used other conjunctions for ‘and’

Used ‘Vivid Verbs’

Used ‘Interesting Adjectives’

Used Full stops at the end of sentences?

Used capital letters at the beginnings of sentences?

Used apostrophes?

Used commas?

Used speech marks?

On a separate page, write a reflection answering these questions.

What have you done well in your writing?

What could be improved on for next time?

What is your new learning goal?