[IRS Term 1 Week 2 Meeting - 14th January 2013]

Place Of Meeting

Discussion Room@Info Hub


14th January 2013 from 2pm to 3pm


1.     Siddhant Chaurasia

2.     Francis Yeo

3.     Kabir Bhugtiar

4.     Lim Guan Qun

Introduction, Announcements, and Agenda review






Critique Session Of Blog

We have done a critique session of the blog and have tweaked some parts of the blog.

The blog has been designed to suit our needs


Literature Review

This Literature review will be done by Kabir and Guan Qun. We will focus on articles regarding Sexuality Education.

The both of them have to finish this literature review in a neat and organised manner before posting it onto the blog.

Additional Notes on Literature Review

1. What are the articles (4)

Daily Mail UK


Channel News Asia

Straits Times

2. Who will read it?

Kabir: Guardian

Guan Qun: Strait Times

Siddhant: Daily Mail

Francis: Channel News Asia

2a) Summarise and input data onto mindmap

We do the mindmap ourselves and pass it to Kabir on Friday

3) Who will create the survey/interview question

We come up with 10 questions of our own.

01) What do you think about the sexual education being taught by SST at school?

02) Is the sex education being taught helpful?

03) Is the sex education being taught appropriate?

04) Do schools teach enough about sex education to children?

05) Do children find sex education as a joke or do they pay attention?

06) If Answer on 2 is “No”, How can we make it more helpful?

07) If Answer on 3 is “No”, How can we make it more appropriate?

08) How do you think we can improve the sex education being taught if so?

09) Has your knowledge widened from learning the sex education being taught in our school?

10) On a scale of 1-10, give me your overall feedback of the sex education being taught in SST?


Action Item

Assigned to

Completion Date

Literature Review

Kabir and Guan Qun

18th January 2013