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Rider The Quest
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The Quest — Technical rider (larger venues)


Techniek: Peter Frings (

PA by venue/organization

The following defines the minimal set-up required by The Quest.

PA/Mixing Desk





perc: bas-cajon

perc: djembé

perc: HiHat

perc: bodhran

perc: overhead

1 x kick

1 x mic

1 x mic

1 x mic

2 x overhead, 1 close to ride

1x stand

1x stand

1x stand

1x stand

2x stand

double bass


acc. guitar



SM58 or similar

1 x stand




2 x mic (left + right)

2 x stand

voices 1, 2, 3

3x XLR for wireless Sennheiser

3 x stand

All cables on stage must be taped down in an orderly and safe manner.




1, 2

lead 1 + 2 + 3 + accordion + bass.

3, 4, 5

instruments  + kick

(refer to stage plan for monitor numbers)

PA by The Quest

When we provide the PA, the venue must provide the following.

The theatre and stage must be available for installation and soundcheck at least 4 hours before the start of the concert, and must remain available for at least 2 hours after the end of the concert.

Stage Lights

Stage lights must create a simple, static but pleasing, moody atmosphere. Dynamic lighting is preferred unless overdone. There must be a base-level light so we can see our instruments. Lights must be managed by a technician of the venue/organisation.

Loading and Unloading, Parking

We need easy access to the stage for loading and unloading of equipment and instruments; we must be able to park 2 cars within 10m of the stage entrance during the unloading and loading. The cars can be moved in between if really needed, but we’d rather not.

Free parking space for at least 4 cars must be available near the venue, not further than 5 minutes walking distance.


We need at least 45 minutes of soundcheck, 60 to 90 minutes would be preferable (including set-up).

Stage plan

The following scheme sketches the usual set-up.

Mar 2019