Chambersburg Color Guard Team Contract - Indoor

Teaching Administration:                                       Music Director:                                 Guard Advisors:                                

Desiree Benshoff - 717-331-4646                               David Wenerd                            Alexis Stull - 717-830-9251

                                                                                         Danielle Guarriello  - 717-372-0210

As a member of the Chambersburg Color Guard Team:

*I understand I must maintain the grade requirements to participate in competitions (No more than 1 failing class).

*I understand I am required to provide a print off of my grade report on the first Tuesday practice of each month.

*I understand I am not permitted to chew gum during practice.

*I understand I am not permitted to use my cell phone during practice unless it is an emergency.

*I agree to attend Tuesday and Thursday practices from 6:00PM - 8:00PM. (Gold - Tuesday’s only)

*I agree to arrive early to practice by 15 minutes to set up for practice, and be released up to 15 mins late to clean up.

*I understand that if I am not at practice 15 minutes early that I will be marked as late unless otherwise notified.

*I understand that all showss are mandatory.

*I understand that if I have more than three unexcused absences or late arrivals that I may lose my spots in the show.

*I understand that if I am going to be late to a scheduled event (practice or show) I must fill out an online absence form. If the form has not been filled out prior to practice, the absent will be marked as unexcused - unless in the event of an emergency.

*I understand if I miss school for an illness I am not permitted to attend practice.

*I understand that if I do not attend a show or competition I may be removed from the show.

*I understand that it is my responsibility to have a mode of transportation. Staff will not be providing any transportation for team members (Includes Tues/Thurs/Sat/Shows).

* I understand that I am not permitted to wear jeans to practice and I must follow the school dress code while at practice and shows.

*I understand that practices are closed and family/friends are not to enter the gym during this time.

*If I have a problem with a teammate or a coaching decision, I will go directly to that person and resolve the conflict through conversations. If I am not comfortable talking directly with that person, I will involve a member of the Teaching Administration as a mediator.

*I understand that staff and teammates are to be treated with respect. Disrespect will not be tolerated at any time and could result is a suspension or release from the team.

*I understand that if I quit or leave the team that I will not be allowed back on the team until the next tryout period.

*I understand that parents, boyfriends/ girlfriends, etc. are not permitted on the transportation bus to competitions / shows.

*I understand that parents, boyfriends/ girlfriends, etc. are not permitted to be in the holding area, dressing rooms, or warm up areas unless told otherwise by staff.
*I understand that there may be a Pay To Play Fee due for my student to participate.

Emails and Text Messages will be sent out to notify you of changes or upcoming events that require action. Please mark if we can send you text messages

Student Signature: _______________________________________________________________________________________

Student Phone: ___________________________________ Student email: __________________________________________

Parent Signature:  _______________________________________________________________________________________

Phone Number: ___________________________________ Email: _______________________________________________

Can we send text messages to:            Student:   Yes      No                        Parent:    Yes    No

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