From Course Catalog 2014/15

ART 1010 FF (HS – 02010013020 Art History CE)

Introduction to Visual arts

3 credits

Develops an appreciation of the visual arts by investigating the elements and principles of art, art criticism, art production, and the history of art.  Includes written critiques and basic art projects.  Requires students to identify works of arts and describe their significance in writing. Satisfies a fine arts requirement.

COMM 1020 HH (HS – 06010013110 Speech CE)

Public Speaking

3 credits

Covers speech research, preparation, outlining, and delivery. Provides students with practical experience and evaluation.

COMM 1050 HH

Introduction to Speech Communication

3 credits

Surveys the questions, methods, and current status of knowledge in the discipline of speech communication.  Explores communications theory and practice across a variety of context and forms, including verbal, non-verbal, interpersonal, group, organization, and mass communication

ENGL 1010 CC

Introduction to Writing

3 credits

Prereq: Appropriate placement scores or ENGH 0990 with grade of C- or higher

Teaches rhetorical knowledge and skills, focusing on critical reading, writing, and thinking.  Introduces writing for specific academic audiences and situations.  Emphasizes writing as a process through multiple drafts and revisions.  In addition to major essay assignments, may include in-class writing and collaboration, research writing, journals, and portfolios.

ENGL 2010 CC (HS – 06010013116 Expository Writing II CE -- This course is approved for elective credit in the SENIOR year. )

Intermediate Writing--Humanities/Social Sciences

3 credits (spring)

Prereq: ENGL 1010 with a C- or better or appropriate placement scores.

Emphasizes academic inquiry and research in the humanities and social sciences. Explores issues from multiple perspectives. Teaches careful reasoning, argumentation, and rhetorical awareness of purpose, audience, and genre. Focuses on critically evaluating, effectively integrating, and properly documenting sources. In addition to major essay assignments, may include in-class writing and collaboration, an annotated bibliography, oral presentations, and portfolios.

GEO 1010 PP

Introduction to Geology

3 credits

Studies planet earth: its materials, structure, dynamics, and surface features.  Taken alone it is designed for non-science students who want a broad introduction to earth science and a greater appreciation of their physical surroundings.

METO 1010 PP (HS – 08040013050 Meteorology CE)

Introduction to Meteorology

3 credits 

Introduces the study of our atmosphere. Studies the Earth’s dynamic weather systems. Covers structure and compositions of the atmosphere; weather patterns; air masses; and types of weather fronts, weather forecasting, and climates.

MUSC 1030 FF

American Popular Music

3 credits

Studies the emergence, development, and characteristics of American music including Jazz, Blues, Country, Rock, Motown, Hip-Hop, and other popular styles.  Examines the contributions of European, African, Latin and other cultural traditions on American popular music by the music industry.  Studies the role of popular music as a symbol of race, class, gender, and generation.  Fulfills the Fine Arts general education distribution requirement and addresses the Intellectual and Practical Skills Foundation essential learning outcomes of qualitative reasoning.

Phil 205G (HS – 09090013010 Social Studies Elective CE. SENIOR only course)

Ethics and Values

3 credits

• Prerequisite(s): ENGL 1010; ENGL 2010/ENGL 2020 highly recommended

Challenges students to

  1. develop knowledge and recognition of complexities inherent in global and intercultural issues, focusing on their ethical and normative dimensions with an emphasis on issues of ethics and values,
  2.  develop the ability to interrelate knowledgeably, reflectively, responsibly, and respectfully with a society of increasing intercultural connections,
  3. critically read works of philosophy, literature, religion, and history toward understanding the basis of their ethical views; and
  4. read, study, research, discuss, and write about difficult ethical issues. Focuses on global and intercultural issues with an emphasis on their ethical and normative dimensions. Engages students in serious reflection on issues of ethics and values as they relate to the students’ own lives as knowledgeable, thoughtful, reflective, responsible, and respectful citizens within a society of increasing intercultural connections.

POLS 1100 SS (HS – 09060013020 US National Government CE)

American National Government

3 credits

Studies history and structure of American National Government, rights and responsibilities of citizens, political institutions, political processes, and governmental policies.

PSY 1010 SS (HS – 09070013010 Psychology Elective CE)

General Psychology

3 credits

An introductory course in modern scientific psychology. Covers major domains of scientific psychology including biological foundations, sensations, perception, learning, motivation, human development and abnormal psychology.

Examines major psychological and professional applications.

PSY 1100 SS

Human Development Life Span

3 credits

Explores human development from conception and birth to old age and death.  Examines growth and developmental patterns and describes the characteristics of various developmental stages.  Studies the major physical, cognitive and psychosocial themes and issues of human development.  Includes genetics, prenatal development, birth, early/middle/late childhood, adolescence, early/middle/late adulthood, and death.

SOC 1010 SS (HS – 09080013001 Sociology CE)

Introduction to Sociology

3 credits

Studies and compares social groups and institutions and their interrelationships. Includes culture, socialization, deviance, stratification, race, ethnicity, social change, and collective behavior.