Nora Ryan

( 6 5 0 ) 2 0 6 - 9 2 0 5  ⠂ n r y a n @ a l u m . m i t . e d u

 S t a n f o r d  H i l l s ,  M e n l o  P a r k ,  C A

Product, Business and Engineering, BeanLight, LLC, Consulting Practice 1999 - Present

Turnkey technology company, strategy, product and  team builder. Lead products and companies from pre-concept,  $0 to $1B profitable enterprises. Products invented, built and deployed have won awards at TED, TechCrunch and been showcased perennially at international SI events. Many product of the year awards. Career-long track record of defining and delivering successful startups, pivots, acquisitions and sales.  Cloud, mobile, IoT, telecom, media and enterprise solutions:  ICs, systems, services and devices.

Strategic Alliances, Business Planning and Partnerships, Product Management, Engineering, Operations Management and Professional Services. Previous CEO, COO, CMO, CPO, CTO, VP Sales, BD, Eng, Product, GM, Partner.  Good background in supply-chain, MFG, channel, customer service.

  BeanLight Portfolio Snapshot

Startup to Major Corporate Ventures: General Partner and Startup Advisory Boards 2015-present

Create and implement framework for venture and partnerships. Curate several hundred startups to sign on and mentor a baker’s dozen: mobile, cloud, IoT, wireless, experiential tech. and deep learning.  B2B and B2C. Serve in acting executive roles including CEO. Startup business strategy, product, partnerships, design, implementation, investment and board roles.

Online Gambling & Advertising Platform Co., SVP Product,  Restart thru Sale. W. Coast. 2011 - 2014

Delivered entire product and company business strategy through sale for ASP OLTP  solution spanning junction between gaming, social graphs, media and advertising.  Redesigned monolithic architecture into a flexible, MVP-based platform.  Real money, virtual currencies and tournaments.  Network and mobile.  Instituted partnerships, customers and ecosystem internationally. Staffed operations and development.

DELUXE, Executive Director, SMB Marketing Tools and Services Division. $B Company Respin.  Minnesota. 2010 - 2011

Melded numerous cloud-services acquisitions into cloud-based marketing and services product platform for company pivot. Specified, designed, melded and built teams to launch core product, platform  and online, turnkey and professional services for SMBs. Platform interweave social marketing, advertising, metrics and branding tools and content libraries with a simple, personalized end-user social and business analytics integrated dashboard. Cloud, wireless, mobile. Channels: domestic and international carriers, operators, financial and direct consumer

YAHOO!, Executive PM, Platform Technology Group. Sunnyvale. 2009 - 2010, 2011

Delivered root cause analyses, trends and delineated solutions to address lifecycle success and market-limiting systemic product issues to Yahoo Platform Technology Executive Team. Issue areas spanned Open, Social, Content Agility, ID, Analytics and Mobile Platforms. Provided end-to-end forensics and triage of specific failure cases thru dev, product, business, sales, process, communication, partners, and strategy. Issues included operational pipeline insufficiency, DB and platform silos, partner planning and major partner integration and platform adoption

RSPORTZ, CTO/CPO, Startup Revitalization and Sale. Los Angeles, 2007 - 2008

Reinvented SaaS event and team management company. Conceived and designed solution, co-raised investment, architected product, hired and led virtual agile teams to deliver TechCrunch50 startup.  Fully personalized.  identity and role-based tools, events, grouping, and ad serve. Tested live for Summer Olympics Teams. Geo-local, social graph services platform.

TOUCHTABLE/SHARE, GM, Co-Founder. Profitable $30M spinout from Think Tank Concept. Pasadena, 2004-2006

Created Collaboration Platform Newco including products, teams, infrastructure, partners, sales channel, ecosystem, funding. Platform provided joint data visualization, analysis and navigation for GIS and n-dimensional analysis. New hardware and software products for group collaboration from boardroom to mobile, remote offices and field response teams.

TED-acclaimed, international SI showcase for years. A public and private sector solutions platform. Diverse patents for group multi sensory, multi touch, gesture, multiple screen workflows. Integrated with ArcGIS. New SI APIs. For world governments, emergency forces, insurance, medical and entertainment. Partnered with most major System Integrators

PALM, Head of 3rd Party Partners, Complete Renovation. SmartPhones and PDAs. Milpitas, CA, 2002 - 2004

Crafted new Partner processes, procedures and standards to turnaround highest risk, acknowledged failing Palm product area to company’s best in months. Spearheaded strategic partner end-to-end redo including contracts, core Palm functionality, specifications, plans and led each project throughout to delivery.  Co-introduced Palm Partner Store.

KNOWLEDGEFIRST, VP Engineering, Operations. Startup turnaround and Sale. Online Banking. Bay Area, 2000 - 2001

Created, engineered and shipped first virtual financial exchange serving the $80B student loan market. Our XML shaped industry-standard. Platform adopted by top US banks. Co-wrote middleware, schema, backend and respecified front ends. Hands-on direction and design, build out of production, development, QA, tech support, IT/Ops, Doc, and Professional Services. Doubled resources, halved delivery time, reduced run-rate 

 J2 GLOBAL (JetFax became eFax, acquired by J2)                                                          1996 - 1999

Senior Director, Product Development, Strategic Accounts and Partners, Menlo Park

Co-drove entity transition from Consumer Electronics and SMB systems to award-winning SaaS, eFax

Grew original company from $3-$30M revenue, $300 OEM revenue in first year for successful IPO

XEROX Connected Personal Products (PARC spinout)                                                    1993 - 1997

Senior Director, Product Development, Strategic Accounts and Partnerships, Palo Alto

Created disruptive CE products and full life cycle support for PARC spinout's first multifunctional SOHO systems. Billed $150M new revenue, first quarter, post launch.

APPLE                                                                                                                         1991-1993

Chairman, Software Issues Forum and Sr. Software Engineering Manager, Cupertino

BORLAND Product Line Manager, Databases and Languages, Scotts Valley                                     1989 - 1991

Jointly founded and led team to deliver PC Magazine, PC Computing MVP, first object-oriented Windows RDBMS, compiler and developer IT platform. Won over and converted developer community







Technology Experience Snapshot

Multi-Screen Design: 1” to 84”, Kiosk, Stadium, mobile, haptic, AR/VR and professional gaming

Operating Systems: Linux, Mac OS X, iOS, Solaris, Win, VMS. Distributed, Multi-task, Embedded RTOS

Languages: Python, C++, C,, Javascript, Java, SQL, XML, HTML, UNIX shell scripting, JSON, CSS, Perl, Assembly and more

Tools: Eclipse, Xcode, Git, Subversion, Maven, Make, JIRA, innumerable SDKs, APIs, tools

Servers: Apache, Tomcat, NGINX, JBOSS, MySQL, Oracle, DB2, MongoDB, Hbase, Hadoop

Cloud Services: AWS, Rackspace, GitHub, MailChimp, Facebook OAuth, OpenGraph, SalesForce, PayPal, etc.

Networks: Wired and Wireless incl. 5G (communications), 802.11, Bluetooth, TCP/IP, Ethernet, ATM, R/T Financial

Integrated Circuits: ASICs, FPGAs, Full-Custom uPs, CAD

Methodologies: Test and behavior driven development, OOP and functional programming, RESTful and SOA architectures, Threading, Concurrency and Big Data, Scaling, Clustering, and Caching, MVC and MVP architectures, HTML5 responsive design, Agile and Scrum, Waterfall, Continuous Integration and Deployment


              HMI and Human Factors

Contracts and Acquisitions

P/L and Investment Raise