I did not get my ID card at the Mobile ID station.  What should I do? (9/08/16)

Visit the University ID and Privileges Office inside Regenstein Library, located at 1100 E. 57th St.  Lab parents and guardians may park in the University garage at 55th Street and Ellis at no cost.  You must bring a state- or government-issued ID with you. At the office, you will take have a photo taken and receive your ID card, Lab parent lanyard, and parking validation ticket for the parking garage.  

If you are University employee and already have an ID, you will receive a white lanyard either in the mail or sent home with your child to signify you are a parent when you are on the Lab Campus.  If you still have questions, contact Christopher Jones at cjones@ucls.uchicago.edu.

How can I find people in my neighborhood for carpools? (9/1/16)

It’s usually best to just ask around at classroom gatherings and Parent Nights.  For a more systematic approach to finding out who lives you, access the Family Directory in Powerschool, and search on your zip code. You may also find posting for carpool partners on the Lab Moms and Dads group on Facebook helpful.

How do I subscribe to the school calendar? (9/1/16)

From the UCLS Home Page (ucls.uchicago.edu) you will be able to access the School Calendar once you are logged in.  In the upper right hand corner you will see a button 128px-Feed-icon.svg.png.  Click on that, and you will get the url for the calendar, which you can use to subscribe via your own Calendar program (iCal, etc.) We suggest you subscribe to both the All Schools Calendar and the Division calendars your children are in.

Parent Night FAQs

Q: Are kids allowed at parents night?

A: Unfortunately no, we want to ensure everyone can pay full attention. We regret that the Parents Association is not able to provide babysitting at the parent night events.

Q: How long should parents plan to be at the event?

A: Please see the calendar for the estimated length of the presentation.

Q: Will there be food?

A: Depending on the Parent Night, light snacks or dinner are provided by the Parents Association

Q: What can you expect at parent’s night?

A: This is a great opportunity to understand what your child will experience during their school year, as well as a chance to meet other parents and learn how the Parents Association supports faculty and parents. Detailed itineraries are usually provided either by email or sent home with your student in advance.

Q:  Will I be able to ask questions about my child’s progress?

A:  All Parent Nights differ in the content presented and the amount of time allotted for questions. Parent Nights are typically not the time to ask questions about your child in particular; instead, discussions about individual children may be handled by contacting the teacher separately or during conference days.

Q: What if a parent cannot attend, is there another opportunity to interact with the faculty?

A: Yes, conference days are held in October and November, depending on the school. Please consult the calendar for the exact days; your teacher will provide more detail about how to sign up.