How Do I Assign (or Remove) a Delegate in CurateND?

To assign a delegate in CurateND, please follow these steps.  A delegate is anyone at Notre Dame who can deposit works in CurateND on your behalf -- an assistant, a lab manager, a graduate student, a subject librarian, et al.

1. Open any web browser and navigate to


2. Select the login_button_yellow.png button in the upper right region of the masthead.  You will be redirected to Central Authentication Services(CAS).

3. Please enter your NetID and password and select the login button.

4. Click on the pulldown menu associated with your name and select My Delegates.


5. Search for the person you want to assign as a delegate.  He/she must have an account with CurateND (see CurateND Initial Account Setup for further assistance).


6. Select his/her name and press enter.  The person’s name will now appear under the header Authorized Delegates. You will need to manually notify the person that they have been added as a Delegate.


7. To remove a delegate, click on the X to the far right of the person’s name.