DiNotte Lighting

XML-3 User Manual

Power ON and OFF                                                Specifications  (XML-3)

ON:  Double press power button                                        Light output: 2000+ Lumens

OFF:  Press and hold power button for two seconds                            Light engine weight: 100g 

Note:  release power button when light turns off.                                 Dimensions: L-60mm x 40mm Diameter

See switching between flash/steady modes to change modes


Power indicator: (power button color)                                

Blue - normal power operation                                        

Red - low battery mode - change or charge batteries as soon as possible.

When light is ON, single press power button to change between high, medium and low modes.

Steady modes (3)                                               Flash modes (3)

High:  full power output.          2000 Lumens                        High:  light pulses rapidly with solid

blue power indicator.                                         background.  Blue power indicator


            Medium:  50% power, blue power indicator                              Medium:  steady light with pulse.  Blue

            with one blue pulse per second.    1400  Lumens                 indicator will pulse once per second.

           Low:  25% power, blue indicator with                          Low:  light slowly turns on and off.  Blue

           two blue pulses per second.         700  Lumens                power indicator with two blue pulses per second.

Low battery:  Red indicator, light will be forced into ultra low mode

During low battery, switch may become inoperable.  Low battery indicator may come on during cold weather,

battery stress (age) and other conditions.   Replace battery when light only runs for 60% of original run time

Batteries will drain when light is OFF - unplug battery when light is not being used

Switching between FLASH and STEADY modes:  (start with light in the OFF Mode)

Press power button for approximately six seconds (front light will signal it has changed modes)

Release power button, wait one second.

Double press power button to turn on light.  New mode will be active.

Battery Charging:

Plug charger into wall, wait 10 seconds for charger to warm up.

Attach battery to charger.  When indicator is RED, charge is in process.  

Charge indicator will turn green when charge is complete.  Disconnect battery.

Charger will only charge at a 10% rate if battery is extremely  low, battery/charger is cold or the

charger sees a less than perfect condition, Charging will always stop after 8 hours regardless of charge level

Run times are approximate and only apply to single, continuous use.


4 cell battery run times        

 4 Hour charge time

 240gm, 7.2V 4800mAh

                                Steady                Flash

        High                2.5 hours        7.5 hours

        Medium               5 hours        10 hours

        Low                10 hours        15 hours

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