Release the Quacken!!

Exclusive Launch Tournament Skin: Poolseidon

Other Skins

Updated Voice Command System

New Targeting Options and Defaults

A new TARGETING tab has been added to the SETTINGS menu. It contains the following options for targeters:

Distance Line:

- None

- Autoattack range line (simple line with nothing at the end different line distance for Melee vs Ranged)  (DEFAULT)

- Ruler

Ground Target:

- None (Default)

- Simple

- High Contrast

- Arrow

NOTE: Unclick the  “Always Show Ground Target” if you desire to only show your selected Ground Targeter when at least one of the abilities on the god you are playing is set to Instant Cast.


- None

- 'X' reticle (DEFAULT)

- 'O' reticle


- None

- Highlight (DEFAULT)

- Highlight and Marked

- Highlight and Bracket

Arena Escort Updates



Gods - Balance