ASUS ROG Hearthstone Summer 2015 Rules
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ASUS ROG Hearthstone Summer 2015 - Rules

Every player in the tournament is expected to have read these rules thoroughly. Each player is expected to behave according to Fair Play principles. Unsportsmanlike behavior is a punishable offense. The tournament organizer has all the authority concerning these rules and the following punishments. The tournament organizer may put the tournament on hold due to a technical malfunction, a serious medical condition or similar unexpected event.

1. General rules of the tournament

Game: Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (Blizzard Entertainment)

NON-BYOC, 32 players

Tournament format: Double elimination group stage (BO5) -> Double elimination group stage (BO5) -> Single elimination semi-finals (BO5) -> Final (BO7)

Any software that modifies or grants an unfair advantage in the game is strictly forbidden.

Inclusion of the tournament organizer’s spectator/streamer is mandatory.

2. Players

All players must be present at the tournament location during games.

All invited and qualified players have to represent themselves and are not allowed to send in any substitutes and/or give their invites away to someone else. In case a player is unable to attend the event in person, they must immediately inform the organizer of it.

All players have to be at least 15 years old.

All players have to stay ready and available for the duration of the tournament or until their elimination from the tournament. Longer absence needs to be approved by the administrators in order to avoid any sort of punishment.

By attending the event players agree without reservations that their name and team name can be published on the ASUS ROG tournament websites, social media channels and other community websites.

All players have to try to win every game at every stage of the competition. Purposefully losing for any reason is strictly forbidden.

3. Format

All matches have to be played on the European Hearthstone / BattleNet server using accounts provided by the tournament organizer.

The tournament will be played using 4 decks of 4 different classes.

All players ban 1 deck from their opponent and then blind pick one of the 3 remaining classes they want to play.

The winner of the first game must switch to their second deck. The loser of the game may continue playing with the very same deck or switch to their other deck as well. The winner of the match is the player, who successfully wins with all their remaining decks. During the final players are allowed to resurrect one deck that already won a match before and are not allowed to switch their resurrected deck to another.

Decks have to be prepared beforehand and sent to the tournament administrators according to their specifications. Decks can be changed after each day. Changing cards in-between games is not permitted.

After a match is won, the winning player has to report the result to the tournament administrators.

All players are advised to take a screenshot after each game and keep them until the tournament has finished. This is not mandatory.

If a game was finished in a tie so both players drop to 0 health points in the same turn (both players will see a "Defeat" as the endscreen), both players are considered to have won said match. If the match was the deciding one of the series, it will be replayed using the same classes.

If a player disconnects and is not able to reconnect to the game, the disconnect will be treated as a loss for the one who lost the connection, unless both players agree to play a rematch. The player that did not disconnect has to wait a reasonable amount of time in the current game to give their opponent the chance to reconnect to the game.

If a bug occurs in the game, both players should immediately take screenshots and get in touch with an administrator. The administrator decides how to proceed.

4. Conflicts, fair play and disciplinary actions

The tournament organizer reserves all rights for changes related to these documents.

In case of a conflict, the game administrator will decide the outcome.

All players are required to follow the Fair Play code of conduct and show proper respect in their statements about fellow players or other competing organizations.

Insulting other players, teams, administrators or other organizers is strictly forbidden and is grounds for a disciplinary action.

All cheating, including ghosting, is forbidden.

Breaking any of the aforementioned rules will result in sanctions, including but not limited to:


Losing a match

Losing a game series

Removal of a player or a team from the tournament

Removal of a player or a team from the event

Three warnings will result in a removal from the tournament. Warnings can be individual or team warnings.

A decision made by a single administrator can be challenged by bringing it up with the head administrator.

This complaint can only be made right after the decision has been called or the game has ended, whichever occurred first.

The head administrator’s decision is final and cannot be challenged.

5. Schedule

All times are EEST (GMT +3).

Thursday 30.7.2015: DE BO5 RO32 Group Stage 1

Groups A/B/C/D

Round 1 16:00

Round 2 17:30

Round 3 19:00

Groups E/F/G/H

Round 1 20:30

Round 2 22:00

Round 3 23:30

Friday 31.7.2015: DE BO5 RO16 Group Stage 2

Groups I/J

Round 1 12:00

Round 2 13:30

Round 3 15:00

Groups K/L

Round 1 16:30

Round 2 18:00

Round 3 19:30

Saturday 1.8.2015: SE BO5 RO8 Brackets + BO7 Final

12:00 RO8 #1

13:30 RO8 #2

15:00 RO8 #3

16:30 RO8 #4

18:00 Semi-final #1

19:30 Semi-final #2

21:00 Final