-AP Studio Art Summer Homework        

These assignments will be due the first Thursday/Friday back, August 32-Sept. 1st. You will receive a major grade for your summer work. Pieces should be between 9x12” and 18”x 24” in size. You may use any media or mixed media of your choice. You are encouraged to explore media, techniques and approaches you have not used before. These pieces are work for the “Breadth” section of your AP portfolio. You will need 12 strong Breadth pieces in your portfolio. The emphasis in this section of the portfolio is variety of media, style, approach, design and subject matter. The Breadth section of the Drawing portfolio MUST include observational drawing.

 Choose ANY 3 things from this list

1. Drapery Study from Life- pin a towel to your wall, or draw hanging clothing, or zoom in to a shirt on a model.  Use a strong light source & capture all the subtle values in folded cloth.


2.  Spend time every week working in your deconstruction book. Put the date on each page. Make it fun! Allow for any and all spontaneous art activity. Use this book to sketch, paint, doodle, collage, collect objects and take pictures to generate visual ideas and/or write journal entries, make critical and informed decisions about your progress and jot down your reflections on the outcome. By the end of the summer you should have generated five great experiments.

3. Create a self-portrait that expresses a specific mood/emotion–e.g., anger/rage, melancholy/loneliness, happiness/joy, etc. Manipulate light and color to enhance the psychological atmosphere


3. 5 a TWIST -Draw your moody selfie on a stolen background- Be a background thief!  It’s fun, it’s easy, it makes your art look all deep and thoughtful. It’s the best kind of lazy.


4. TEXT Art- read the news, get angry about a topic.  Make a collage of text from the headlines in the shape of an expressive face.  Use only black and one color.  Go for emotional response.


6.  Negative/Positive - Photograph yourself or a friend, capture most of the body.  Draw only about 50% and fill in the remaining with a color fade, texture, or solid flat color for unique play on positive and negative space.


7. • Still life arrangement of 3 or more reflective objects. Your goal is to convey convincing representation. Sketch and shade for contrast and drama. Consider doing this as a self portrait – draw yourself distorted in a shiny object. Listen to the song SHINY from the Moana soundtrack for funsies.


8.  A close up of a bicycle/tricycle from and unusual angle with strong light/shadow. Do NOT draw the bicycle from the side view. .