Updated 5/29/18

Q: Why are you only allowing Chromebooks as BYOT devices?

A: KML’s technology program is built around the use of Google’s G-Suite (formerly Google Apps) products and services.  Chromebooks are the easiest way to access those services.  Chromebooks also require much less maintenance than Mac or Windows computers and if something goes wrong, a Chromebook can be reset to its original state with no loss of data in only a few minutes, so troubleshooting and lost class time are kept to a minimum.  Chromebook battery life is excellent and the price of Chromebooks makes them very affordable.  They are also generally cheaper to fix or replace.  Chromebooks also come with tools that allow KML to better manage a 1:1 program and offer a variety of controlled testing environments.

Q: If a student comes to school without their device because it is lost, broken, at home under the bed, etc., how will KML accommodate them?

A: Devices will be available that can be loaned to students to use.  A fee may be charged.

Q: If a student's device fails during class or it is not brought to class, how will the teacher accommodate them?

A: Devices will be available that can be loaned to students to use.  Teachers will allow students to retrieve one of these devices.

Q: Where will students be able to charge their devices?

A: All students are expected to arrive at school with a fully charged device.  Students are able to charge their devices in most of the classrooms that they use during the day.

Q: Where will students keep their devices?

A: Teachers will let students know when devices are needed for a class.  When they are not needed, they should be locked in the students’ lockers.

Q: Will the school keep track of the student’s devices?

A: All students will be required to register their devices with the school.  Brand, model, and serial number information may be collected for the purpose of security and as information to be used in guiding the 1:1 BYOT program forward.

Q: When the battery gets old and fails to hold a long enough charge, what can I do?

A: Devices either have a battery that easily detaches from the device or they may have an internal battery.  Replacement batteries are available for all devices, even those that have an internal battery.

Q: Which device brand is most reliable?

A: Reliability is not simply a matter of brand name.  You are encouraged to read reviews of the models you are considering.

Q: Can I purchase a computer through KML?

A: Yes. KML will provide a group-buying opportunity at the start of each school year.

Q: What else should students have in addition to their device?


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