Home Teaching and Actions


Aaron Klapheck

We are given the responsibility to take care of and watch over several families, those we have been assigned to home teach. It is our responsibility to watch over and take care of these families, to spiritually edify them and to help them when needed. Jesus Christ was able to help, take care of, guide, and show an outpouring of love to everyone he met. That is the ideal we hope to live by, but for me, I fall very short of that ideal. We are to be judged by the Lord in the last days. He will ask us if we were our brothers keeper, and he will look at those people that he has given us charge to watch over. He will ask us if we have been faithfully in taking care of those whom he has assigned to us. He hasn’t given us the charge to watch over all mankind, he has given us the responsibility to watch over several families. 

This is one of the reasons why I love my wife so deeply. She is a personification of these attributes of Jesus life and gives me someone to look up to. Sarah brings such joy and uplifts virtually everyone she meets. It is wonderful to hear her talk to others and she helps me strive to be a better person. She helps point me to Christ and how I should be living my life. Ultimately it is not in the grandiose gestures, it's in the simple acts we do every day. The Lord has not given us the charge to take care of the world but those who he has in-trusted to us. It only takes doing those small things for our home teaching families that really will make the world a better place. If everyone just took three or so families and helped to strengthen them then we would be living in a Utopian society. In a perfected society.

        The Lord has given us responsibility first and foremost to our families. If we are not doing what we need to to take care of them then we will be lacking when we are brought before the judgement seat. Next the Lord will look at how we have treated those around us. Especially those who he has given us charge to watch over and spiritually nourish.

        One of the families that I home taught does not own a vehicle. My family went to the temple and decided to invite him with us. He accepted our invitation. I knew he felt a connection with the Lord during this experience at the temple and I felt very blessed to be given that opportunity. Part of our responsibility as home teachers is to help the families we teach to find spiritual edification. 

It all comes down to actions, what you actually do from day to day in your life. This is why I believe in home teaching so much. It is a physical manifestation for our love of our fellow man. It is something that we can do to personally edify those around us. It involves a specific action that we should be taking on a continual basis. Actions which will bring us closer to Christ. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.