Monday 30th May                                                    On the old fire engine                                                                                           Rrrrrrrrr we heard the old fire engine coming around the track. We ran as fast as we could to see the old engine and we were very excited.                             It was on Friday morning and my friends and I were at the Kaikohe Pioneer Village to learn about the old days. When we saw the engine we wanted to get on there straight away but we had to get on one at a time. When it was my turn to have a ride the engine was going as slow as a snail and the ride was very bumpy. It was really cool on the fire engine because it had an old ladder. We had to hold onto the bars. There were no seat belts.                                                                   In the old days when there was a fire people rang the big bell. Then the fire engine put out the fire.     I felt amazing that I went on the fire engine. I wished that I could have another turn.