Meeting # 4. Presentation students' projects

1. General Information

2. Students’ Preparation

3. Agenda

4. Lecture Notes

5. Home Task

1. General Information


Ekaterina Chaykina

Nicolay Vyahhi

Date: 27.03.2013

Time: 19:00 — 22:00 (22:30)

Place: AU

Chief editor: Kristina Fedorchenko

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Video by: Sergey F.

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2. Students’ preparation

You need to think about your projects, that will be presented at the end of our Transforming education track. Katya will send a letter with description of different ideas for projects.

3. Agenda

4. Lecture Notes

Ivan Smirnov — online platform about education; news about trends, expert articles, "crowd journalism" (Edutainme). First step — digest.

Maxim - web-site with content about education, which can generate content for each person

Gleb - how education transforms (

Mike - Science Slam

Aliona - proforientation, online courses for children

5. Home Task

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