GPT Cup - Celtic Manor 2016

17th August

Welcome to the Mizuno Golf Pairs Tour.


For the first time we have brought the Golf Pairs Tour for a single day event to The Celtic Manor. The 2010 course is of course home to the 2010 Ryder cup where Europe out fought USA to win 14.5 / 13.5. This course seamlessly mixes water with gradient changes to provide a stern test for all golfers.


Our aim at GPT is to run inclusive, friendly, competitive golf events at some of the best and most memorable golf courses in the UK and beyond.  We release our schedule on golfpairs.com, and our plan is to keep our competitions fresh by booking different courses.


The quality of the golf at the Celtic Manor has ensured that we have a capacity field of 204 golfers all ready to take on the challenge, and we have requested that the golf courses are set up to competition standards.


Additionally along with Natural Retreats who have supported us from the beginning,  this is the first year we have had Mizuno, the high quality Japanese golf manufacturer on board as our title sponsor.  We are excited about this partnership which will run at least until 2018 – two great events in Wales and Scotland completed, we hope that this event runs as successfully.


We hope you enjoy the golf, tell your friends, and come and join us again next year, we have a fantastic 2017 calendar already shaping up, and if you fancy a pairs event at La Manga you might just want to put October 20-22 in your diary!

Ross and Sam



Celtic Manor 2010

Built to stage The 2010 Ryder Cup, the first course to be built specifically for golf’s greatest team tournament, it measures a robust 7,493 yards off the back tees and has a par of 71.
With water hazards on half of its holes, the course has six signature holes and presents many more memorable tests and risk-and-reward dilemmas. One of the features of the spectacular new course is its variety with many of the earlier holes having a links-like feel with long rough and greenside swales, before the middle section reveals the full extent of the lake-lined challenge.
A tough finishing stretch culminates in a real sting in the tail at the 18th

Handicap Certificates

All golfers must bring an active handicap certificate, either paper or electronic format to the competition.


All prize winners will have certificates checked before awarding of prizes.


Since we are a friendly golf competition, those who fail to bring their certificate will NOT be disqualified, but you will be disbarred from winning any prizes.


For the avoidance of doubt, it is only the golfer who fails to bring a certificate who will be excluded.  If a single golfer returns enough points to win a prize, it WILL be awarded.


Competition Registration

All competitors must register for the competition one hour before their tee time at Celtic Manor.  The MGPT desk will be situated in the main 2010 clubhouse and will be clearly marked out.

Competition registration involves checking your personal details, handicap, email address, home address against our records.  We need to ensure we have email addresses for all golfers as that’s how we will communicate with you.

You get your score card from the Pro Shop.


Golf Format

We are playing from the MIZUNO tees at all courses.  Ladies play off red tees and are given the course shot allowance for mixed competitions if there is such an allowance.


We are playing stableford four-ball better ball format off 9/10 of your official handicap, and as in any stroke play competition scoring putts must be holed. Equally if you can not score you must pick up.


Any changes to your handicap from published should be mentioned on registration and to the pro who will amend your card.


Twos Pot

We are running a twos pot the event at the cost of £5

This is entirely optional to enter, and you can enter at the MGPT desk on competition registration.  This operates quite simply - we take in all the money and split it by the total number of 2s across the day of the event.   If you have a 2 and are not around at the end of the day to be paid your winnings we will transfer directly into your bank account.  The rule that some clubs apply where a hole in one collects the whole pot does not apply.  Get a 2 and you will win a prize, simple as that, a 1 does not count (so you better check your insurance as we have a big field!)

Score Cards

Please sign and submit your score card immediately upon finishing your round and place in the GPT score box to ensure that scores are updated promptly.  The score box is situated on the registration desk.

It is important that you submit your card immediately upon completion of your round.


Pace of Play

Slow play is a curse of amateur golf, and very few amateur golfers take accountability for doing anything about it.

We allow playing through at MGPT .  If you lose a ball please call the group behind through.  You can relax and search and the group behind can play on.

If you lose a hole on the group in front, you should let the group behind through who may be able to keep up.

The competition is scored stableford so if you are unable to score please pick up to keep the course moving. This will be reminded to you on your scorecard.

Friendly Competitive Golf

Our ethos at MGPT revolves around serious golf played in a friendly fun spirit.  We apply all rules of golf rigorously, but we are not playing for money and want everyone to have fun, so please bear this in mind - we are all here to have fun both on and off the course.

Competition Rules



Participants will compete in better ball pairs stroke play competition off 9/10 handicap.  Play will be governed by R&A rules of golf, any local course rules and these competition rules.  For the avoidance of doubt in accordance with Rule 3 a competitor must hole out unless there is no score possible on that hole.


There are prizes available for the 5 top scoring pairs, which will be awarded as soon as practical after the round has been completed. We like people to stay around to collect prizes but understand this is not always practical.  We will contact you if you can’t stay to collect your prize.

The pair with the highest total better ball stableford points on the day will become the GPT Cup champions and win a trophy (retained by GPT) and crystal glasses to keep and also a place on the champions day.   Runners up also win crystal glasses.


Starting Time

Competitors will play as 4 balls with the better stableford score from each pair counting on each hole.  Tee times have been advised by email and are available at https://golfpairs.com/ - competitors should be aware that registration takes place 60 mins before the tee time.  Failure to tee off at the stipulated time will result in shot penalties until 10 mins after the allotted tee and then disqualification will result from the day’s play.


Keeping a Scorecard

Scorecards shall be kept in accordance with Rule 31-3 - Scoring in Four-Ball Stroke Play.  Exchange scorecards with the other players in your group, using the official scorecard provided.


Gross score must be recorded for each player who holes out on a particular hole.  Scores which do not attract any net stableford points need not be recorded and may be left blank.


Scorecards must be signed by the marker and the competitor. Any player not placing their scorecard in the GPT box immediately following the round, leaving the golf course with the official scorecard, or failing to sign the scorecard may be disqualified.



All equipment used during the event must be R&A conforming. It is the player’s responsibility to determine conformity. Any player using non-conforming equipment will be subject to disqualification. Electronic Measuring Devices will be allowed during play, as long they measure distance only, the must not factor slope. This does not apply to mobile phones although some of our clubs will not permit them.



It is the player’s responsibility to accurately inform the organizers and the pro of their current playing handicap before start of play.  This handicap will be marked on the official cards and used for the duration of the competition.  Handicaps will be checked, and any discrepancy found will result in the golfer in question being ineligible to win any prizes.



In the event of a tie, standard countback rules will apply.


Spectator allowance is determined by each host golf course. Spectators may not interfere with play, give advice or caddy for the participants. Spectators must remain on or near cart paths. Any participant accepting advice from a spectator will be disqualified.


Inclement Weather

Bad weather is not of itself a good reason for discontinuing play. However, a player may discontinue play if he/she believes there is danger from lightning.


The delaying or cancellation of a round will be determined by the host facility. In the event of a round cancellation, the overall standings will be decided using the completed rounds. No refunds will be made if the tournament is canceled or shortened due to weather, nature or similar act unless the host club agrees to provide any such refunds.


Dress Code and Player Conduct

Collared shirt/mock necks are required on each golf course.  No jeans, denims, jogging outfits or sweat pants are permitted on any golf course, however all three are relaxed about clubhouse attire.  Swearing, vulgar language, club throwing, alcohol abuse, lack of etiquette may result in disqualification.

Rules Committee

In the event of any dispute related to the rules - the Rules Committee (Ross Forno, Sam Maylott) will make a final decision.  Any disputes on the course should be addressed by playing 2 balls, and the Rules Committee will make the decision as to which applies in the club house.


Pace of Play

We are keen to ensure that play moves at a reasonable pace.  Please bear this in mind throughout your round.  Remember the 5 minute rule when searching for a lost ball.  Play provisional balls whenever their is an element of doubt as to whether your ball is lost.  Keep up with the group in front - if you lose a hole then let the group behind you through - they may be able to keep up.  And above all, if you are not scoring, then please pick your ball up.