Diary of a Superhero

Sunday, August 23rd

I don’t know why, but I love writing in diaries. It’s just my dad hates diaries. He says, “What’s the point of diaries”?. Well, here I am writing in my diary. Anyways, as you all know my dad, Tushu retired from being a superhero and I became the new superhero of the family. Isn’t that awesome? Well, things haven’t been going well lately. My first match was against my brother, Revy. Let’s just say it ended with me being in that tiny hole in the back of the toilet. I didn’t even know that was possible!

Monday, August 24th

Today was the first day of 6th Grade. I know it doesn’t sound cool or anything. But, guess this, I’m a little suspicious about Austin Brallet. I thought I saw him stealing from the ugliest lunch lady I have ever seen. I mean I shes so ugly that she looks like my friends great grandpa. I’m getting off topic, I am gonna spy on Austin tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 25th

So, I have good news and bad news. I’m probably gonna say the good news first because when I grow up to be famous. I want people to see what I have wrote, rather then me going on and on and on about how my life went. I might even make this thing a novel. Ugh, I keep getting off track. SO, the good news is I was right about Austin being bad. The bad news is most of the time he carries a sword with him and he looks like this…

So it might be a little hard to fight him. When he doesn’t have a sword he looks like this.

It’s so different right? Well, anyways I am a really bad drawer.

Wednesday, August 26th

This is how it started, I got to school before the bell rang and walked up to Austin. He picked me up and I started kicking as hard as I could… I couldn’t reach him. It looked like I was doing a dance or something. Anyways, the principal caught him fighting me. It looked like I was fighting him! I got in big trouble and I had to miss school the entire day. When I got home, let's just say it ended with my dad, Tushu understanding but my mom attempted to ground me for a month. But, my dad talked her out of it, so I only have a week of grounding.

Thursday, August 27th

Okay, so my chances of showing what a brat Austin is, is getting less. I am just going to walk up to him and kick him. I did that and I ended up like I did the day before. Except now I am grounded for 2 weeks.

Friday, August 28th

I called my dad to lunch today to show him how Austin was stealing from the lunch lady, yes the ugly one. My dad and I created a plan to take Austin to jail once and for all. It started out with me making friends with Austin. As I became better friends with Austin (In one day, MAN this guy has to work on picking friends). He invited me over to his house and I saw all his valuables so I started taking pictures of all these. Then, I noticed the same jewels that was stolen from the museum 2 days ago. I took a picture and showed it to the cops as evidence.

Saturday, August 29th

I ended up as a hero because the next day, on the news I saw Austin being taken away into a top secret agency in well I can’t tell you because it is secret. Anyways when I get bored I might as well right in this thing but until then, I’ll see you later diary.

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