Fulland Family

circa 1680 - 1760

Fulland is the name of the farm this branch of our tree resided on before the family married into the Friis family. Like other Norwegian families, this family actually used patronymic names for their surnames and their farm name was only occasionally used to help identify them, but for our purposes we will be using the farm name as something like a family name.

Our branch begins with Anders Fulland. Not much is known about him but he was probably born in the mid to late 17th century. His wife’s name is unknown but he had at least three children (sadly, their baptism records only mention the father’s name):

  1. Simon Andersen (b. 1701)
  2. Aase Andersdatter (b. 1705)
  3. Niels Andersen Fulland (b. April 1, 1708)

Niels continued to live on the Fulland farm, which was located in Herad, Vest-Agder, Norway. He married Ingrid Tjostelsdatter on June 28, 1727 in Herad and they had only two known children:

  1. Karina Nielsdatter (b. abt. 1729)
  2. Kiofel Nielsen (b. 1732)

Karina was baptized on January 18, 1730 in Herad so she was probably born not long before that point. It’s possible Niels and Ingrid had other children who simply haven’t been identified yet but it’s also possible they did not.

By 1801, Karina’s son Hans Jeremiasson Friis was still living on the Fulland farm. There was also another family living on the Fulland farm at that time, headed by Ole Tiølsen, of no known relation. In Norway, it was common for more than one nuclear family to live on a farm, though often they were extended family.

Karina and Jeremias Friis were married July 27, 1760 in Herad. To read more about their life after marriage, see the Friis Family Chapter.

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Fulland Photos and Documents

Herad Parish Church in Vest-Agder, Norway, where Karina Nielsdatter was baptized and married.