#216 - The Angry Chicken: “Guaranteed Legendary”


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Hi Permanently Petulant Poultry!

I found this video of the Anaheim convention centre expansion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8oTW2Yc_bQ and it looks amazing! Blizzard are now selling more tickets because they will be expanding into the new hall. What do you think this means for the convention?


Hello raging barnyard fowls,

BJ here. I am a semi new player and while I have enjoyed playing standard, the legacy Magic player in me wants to get into wild. I do love the new standard decks that will pop up, but in Magic I loved the fact that no matter what was going on I could always dust off combo elves, fish or sneak and show and be competitive in legacy. Outside of Pirate warrior and the reno decks what would be a good choice to invest my dust into for decks that can stand the test of time. Or at least be stupid fun all the time!

Kris T

Hey TAC Humans,

Twitch Drops are giveaways that Developers do on Twitch for people who are watching streamers play their game. The best example of this is what Bethesda just started doing with Elder Scrolls Legends (ESL). Once you've linked your Twitch account to Bethesda.net and you are watching someone screen ESL, you have a chance to get either 600 gold, 1500 shards (dust) or a Legendary Pack (1 free legendary) once every ~24 hours. This has increased the viewers of ESL by a lot. Using IamCVH as an example, he used to get around ~600-800 viewers but now he's ~1300 viewers easily. I was thinking that this would improve Twitch viewers thus helping the streamers AND help with the feeling that Hearthstone is expensive all at the same time. I think that the Drops from Blizzard could look something like 250 free dust, 150 gold or a pack of cards. Blizzard could also up the Drops during Championships or for a week when a new expansion is launched to help promote whatever they'd like.

Do you think that this is something that Hearthstone needs? Is it a waste of time?


Greetings Consistently Cantankerous Clucksters!

After listening to episode 214, I got to thinking about the boredom that some players can feel between set releases. In my eyes there are plenty of ways that this could be alleviated, and yes, I'm talking cards.

How about a tavern brawl that gives you a few new cards instead of a pack? Garrett mentioned "Just giving them to us". I think that's *too* easy. I want to earn them. They shouldn't even be craftable.. But they should be Unique, right?

I'm suggesting... NEUTRAL SPELLS!! Everyone gets the same cards, and they should just help... enrich the meta, not shake it up drastically. IE Give me a spell that removes one counter from my opponents quest.... It doesn't "kill" any of the quest decks.. It just lets you breath for a turn when facing them. Little "course correcting" spells that you aren't going to build a deck around, but can be another tool in a cooling meta.

Thanks again for the show, please never stop!

*Jaraxxxus (from TAC Reddit)

A hearthstone deck has 30 cards, or 40-50-60 if you are a priest. Is that OK?

Priests are not OP in today's meta, but I'm still wondering how it is OK that priests can generate an extreme amount of cards, and end up playing 40-50 or even more cards in a game. I'm honestly scared for priest in the future. They are not too far away from having oppressive decks. What do you angry chickens think?

All these card generating cards are seeing ranked meta play:

Lyra (1-for-1, combo required)

Radiant Elemental (combos like crazy with Lyra)

Elize Trailblazer (generates 5-for-1 extra cards)

Shadow Visions (can copy Un'Goro pack for 5-for-1 extra cards)

Stonehill Defender (1-for-1)

Drakonid Operative (1-for-1, combo required)

Netherspite Historian (1-for-1, combo required)

Mirage Caller (1-for-1, combo required)

Crystaline Oracle (1-for-1)

Curious Glimmerroot (1-for-1, a little knowledge required)

Kabal Courier (1-for-1)


Hey feisty fowl!  I listened with great interest to your conversation on deck winrate and played winrate, and I have some input based on what I've seen on ladder.

A couple of the cards you mentioned are "come from behind" cards, most notably Volcano and Dinosize.  Regarding cards like these, and most easily to describe, Volcano in particular, consider the types of decks these are played in and against.  Volcano tends to be played in control or midrange Shaman against aggro Shaman or aggro Druid.  These are bad matchups, as you discussed, and you did that point justice so I won't belabor it.  The point I will belabor, though, is consider how those decks, the ones you want Volcano against, are built.  These decks build out wide boards, and then when you sweep them, they play a Dopplegangster + Evolve or a Living Mana + Power of the Wild or an Arcanite + Upgrade and kill you anyway.  The games where the Volcano deck wins is where you play Lightning Storm into Volcano and run them out of gas by chaining 2 or 3 sweepers; Volcano by itself is actually horrible, because these decks are built to build out boards repeatedly.

Which is basically to say, if the argument is "these cards have a negative winrate, you should think about cutting them", that doesn't make the deck better, it just polarizes the matchups.

Keep up the good work and thanks for the cast!


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