Answer the following questions on a scale of 1-4:

  1. How interested are you in novelty, beauty, and getting new experiences?
  1. Not at all - I love my routines. I’m a pretty plain person. (Tinker, Tailor)
  2. Somewhat - I’ll try something new occasionally. I wear the same clothes, but have a few interesting accessories. (Wise Blood)
  3. Often - I’m excited by trying new things. (Cat’s Cradle)
  4. Very - I’m a free soul! I love exploring the world. (PDorian)
  1. How interested are you in mysteries, spys, and “who-dun-its?”
  1. No - I like to know everything up front. (Wise Blood)
  2. Somewhat- I casually watch Law & Order if it’s on (Cat’s Cradle)
  3. Often - I usually watch suspense shows/movies and read mysteries. (PDorian)
  4. Very - I can predict the killer in every Law & Order show within minutes. (Tinker, Tailor)

3) How interested are you in religion and spirituality?

  1. No - I’m a proud atheist! (PDorian)
  2. Somewhat - I occasionally think about God, but mostly (Tinker/Tailor)
  3. Often - I’m very spiritual and I often think about God/meaning, etc. Cat’s Cradle
  4. Very - I practice a religion and reflect on my spirituality constantly. (Wise Blood)

4) How interested are you in science/technogy and sci-fi types of ideas?

  1. No- I live on a farm. I hate all technology (except playing solitaire on the iPad I was gifted). (Wise Blood)
  2. Somewhat - I watch the Big Bang Theory and kind of like Science. (PDorian)
  3. Often - I enjoy being exposed to new ideas in science and really enjoy reading about new advances in the field! (Tinker/Tailor)
  4. Very - I have a subscription to Popular Science and majored in a science/tech field. (Cat’s Cradle)

5) How long do you like your books?

  1. Shorter the better (PDorian)
  2. On the shorter side (Wise Blood)
  3. Longer side (Cat’s Cradle)
  4. Long (Tinker, Tailor)