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Police: 191    
Ambulance: 193      

Medical Help

  1. Charitable Centre “Mehr-Sahovat”
    Offers psychological support for w
    omen in need.
    Address: St. A.T. Hukakdiy, House 7, Apt 28, Kokand, 713007
    Phone: 35745 / 35745
    Fax: 26924

Legal Help

  1. Legal Aid Scheme
    Works to ensure equality before the law and fair trial. They provide free legal services to those who cannot pay and the vulnerable in Ghana.
    Address: Greater Accra - Accra, Opposite the Ministries Police Station,  P. O. Box GP 18342, Accra.
    Phone:+233 302 66 92 20
  2. Legal Resource Centre
    Provides advocacy and advisory services including legal aid for individuals, organizations and communities.
    Address: Hse. NO. C170/14, Sapele Link, Dzorwulu
    Phone: +233-302-766756
  3. Charitable Centre “Mehr-Sahovat”
    Offers legal support for w
    omen in need.
    Address: St. A.T. Hukakdiy, House 7, Apt 28, Kokand, 713007
    Phone: 35745 / 35745
    Fax: 26924
  4. African Women's Law Association
    Provides legal aid and advice to women in need, and legal representation of women in order to seek justice for their needs.
    Address: PO Box CT 4198, Cantonments, Accra, Ghana
    Phone: 233-21-25-1296 / 233-21-24-8105
  5. International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA)
    Provides free legal aid, awareness drives and representation for women who are vulnerable to, or have survived violence. (Ghana)
    Address: PO Box AN 16502 Accra - North Ghana
    Phone: 233-21-22-9283

Resources (Food, Shelter, Clothing, Crisis Response)

  1. CAS - Catholic Action for Street children / Street Girls AID
    Offers aid and assistance to young women and women on the streets, who are vulnerable to or have survived violence.
    Address: c/o Brothers F.I.C., P.O.Box 709 Madina, Accra, Ghana
    Phone: 233-21-31-3266
  2. Action Against Child and Women Abandonment (AACWA)
    Provides assistance in the form of shelter and resources for women and children who have been abandoned or rendered vulnerable to violence.
    Address: c/o P.O. Box AT 699 Accra Ghana
    Phone: 233-21-22-7274

Education and Empowerment

  1. Young Women's Christian Association (Ghana)
    Provides assistance for women in the form of education and economic empowerment.
    Address: P.O. Box 1504 Accra Ghana
    Phone: 233-21-22-0567
  2. Women's Trust        
    Combines microfinance with support in education and healthcare to give poor women and their families the tools to achieve and maintain true economic independence.
    Address: Pokuase, Ghana
  3. Women's Initiative for Self-Empowerment (WISE)
    Offers assistance for women to empower themselves through appropriate assistance for response to violence, and to help them recover from the adverse impact of violence.
    Address: P.O Box CT 5604 Cantonments, Accra Ghana
    Phone: 233-21-78-1003
  4. WEGF - Women Entrepreneurs Guarantee Fund Ltd.
    Provides financial and training assistance for women seeking to become entrepreneurs for financial independence.
    Address: PO Box CO 2600 Tema Ghana
    Phone: 233-22-20-6783
  5. Women's Assistance and Business Agency
    Offers financial and training assistance for women who are seeking to establish their own businesses. Address: P.O. Box 13039 Accra Ghana
    Phone: 233-21-81-0186
  6. Voluntary Adult Literacy and Vocational Education (VALVE)
    Offers adult literacy and education programs for adults in need, including women who have survived violence and are looking for empowerment.
    Address: P. O. Box 16055 Accra Ghana
    Phone: 233-21-23-3922