Parents’ and Carers’ Responsibilities

  1. Carers and parents who stay while their child’s class is running should help ‘spot’ around the trampolines. They should encourage their child to stand around the trampolines and help with ‘spotting’. They must not allow sitting on end decks or frame pads. They must prevent their child from running around, from going underneath a trampoline when it is in use and from jumping from one trampoline to another.

  1. It is the policy of Springfit that all participants arrive suitably attired for the activity.

  1. No eating or drinking around the trampolines or on the gym floor. Only plastic bottles with screw caps may be brought into the hall. No cans, bottles or food.

  1. Children and care users should not leave the hall while their class is running except to go to the toilet. Only one child at a time may leave the hall for this purpose. In centres which are open to the public, children less than 8 years old must be accompanied to the toilet by an adult.

  1. Parents and carers should encourage good standards of behaviour.

  1. Children and care users should be encouraged to go to the toilet before their class starts.

  1. Parents and carers should not force their child to take part against their will.

  1. Parents and carers should never punish or belittle a child or care user for poor performance.

  1. Parents and carers should support their child's involvement of the activity and help them to enjoy it.

  1. Parents and carers should never use threatening or abusive language or behaviour towards any participant.

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