Burlington Kids Afterschool Program

Family Handbook



Burlington Kids Mission Statement:

To foster the social and academic success of Burlington youth through quality programming in an environment that creates lasting connections with peers, adults and the community.

Table of Contents

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Foreword…………………………………………………………………………………….. 4

Program Overview…………………………………………………………………………. 5

Pathways to Afterschool………………………………………………………………….. 6

Fees, Billing & Payments Due……………………………………………………………. 7

Registration………………………………………………………………………………….. 8

Payment & Financial Support…………………………………………………………….. 9

Attendance Policy…………………………………………………………………………... 10

Student Pick-up Policy………………………………………………………………….. 10

School Closing…………………………………………………………………………… 11

Dismissal from School………………………………………………………………….. 11

Burlington Kids Activities………………………………………………………………. 12

PBIS & Discipline Policy………………………………………………………………… 14 - 16

Special Education in Afterschool……………………………………………………… 17

Medical Policy, Communicable Disease & Conditions Policy……………………. 17

Accidents…………………………………………………………………………………… 18

Family Involvement & Support, Parent Conduct…………………………………… 19

Mandatory Reporting & Confidentiality…………………………………………….….. 20

Family Handbook Sign-off Sheet………………………………………………….…….. 22

Burlington Kids Family Calendar 2016-2017


Aug 31                First day of school: BKIDS Pre-Session Program begins

                        **NOTE: No programming for K’s Aug 31,Sept 1 & 2

Aug 31 - Sept 16        Pre-Session

Sept 5                      Labor Day – NO BKIDS AFTERSCHOOL

Sept 6                 First BKIDS program day for K's

Sept 9                        Session 1 Program Brochures go home


Sept 19 – Dec 2         Activity Session 1

Oct 12                        Yom Kippur – NO BKIDS AFTERSCHOOL

Oct 21                        Program In-Service Day -- NO BKIDS AFTERSCHOOL


Nov 21 & 22                Parent/Teacher Conferences; NO BKIDS AFTERSCHOOL


Nov 23, 24, 25        Thanksgiving Recess – NO BKIDS AFTERSCHOOL

Dec 5 - Mar 10        Activity Session 2

Dec 23 - Jan 2          Holiday Recess – NO BKIDS AFTERSCHOOL

Jan 16                        MLK Day -- NO BKIDS AFTERSCHOOL

Jan 17                 ** IAA & SA Program In-Service Day – ***Core Staff Training***

NO BKIDS AFTERSCHOOL at just these sites

Jan 18                        ** CES & EES Program In-Service Day - ***Core Staff Training***

                        NO BKIDS AFTERSCHOOL at just these sites

Jan 19                        ** Smith & Flynn Program In-Service Day - ***Core Staff Training***

                        NO BKIDS AFTERSCHOOL at just these sites

Feb 27 – Mar 7        Winter Recess – NO BKIDS AFTERSCHOOL

Mar 13 – May 26        Activity Session 3

Mar 30 & 31                **Program In-Service Day – NO BKIDS AFTERSCHOOL

April 24 - 28                   Spring Break Recess – NO BKIDS AFTERSCHOOL

May 29                           Memorial Day – NO BKIDS AFTERSCHOOL

May 30 - June 14        Post-Session

June 14                 LAST DAY of BKIDS Programming – pending use of snow days


Welcome to the Burlington Kids Afterschool Program! Our program is licensed by the state of Vermont and is a collaboration between the Burlington School District and the City of Burlington, Parks, Recreation & Waterfront Department.  We look forward to getting to know you and your child(ren) this school year.  The Family Handbook provides a guide to our policies, and gives you the important information about the program that you may need or wish to know as we begin our year together.  Please feel free to call us if you have any questions or concerns.

Important Contact Information

Christy Gallese        Director of Expanded Learning Opportunities        540-0285        cgallese@bsdvt.org 

Nina Mazuzan          Lead Site Director        489-6358        nmazuzan@bsdvt.org 

Ali Dieng        Family Outreach Coordinator        540-0427        adieng@bsdvt.org 

Phuket Jennings        Billing Specialist        324-7872                 pjenning@bsdvt.org 

Hemant Ghising        Grants Admin Assistant        540-0016        hghising@bsdvt.org 

Priscilla May        Site Director, Edmunds Elementary         316-0195        praba@bsdvt.org

Megan Hodder               Asst Site Director, Edmunds Elementary                 316-0195              mhodder@bsdvt.org

Cecelia Watkins        Site Director, Sustainability Academy        324-6723        cwatkins@bsdvt.org 

Molly         Asst Site Director, Sustainability Academy        324-6723        mbosley@bsdvt.org

Sara Verdery        Site Director, Integrated Arts Academy        355-4021        sverdery@bsdvt.org 

Mandi Harris        Sr. Site Director, Flynn Elementary         864-8500        mharris@bsdvt.org 

Karlie Gunderson        Asst Site Director, Flynn Elementary        865-4175        kgunders@bsdvt.org 

Jessica Villani        Site Director, Champlain Elementary                   316-1681        jvillani@bsdvt.org

Billy Boos        Asst Site Director, Champlain Elementary           316-1681        bboos@bsdvt.org

Eli Phillips        Site Director, CP Smith Elementary                         316-1153        ephillip@bsdvt.org

Molly Bosley        Asst Site Director, CP Smith Elementary        316-1153        mbosley@bsdvt.org 

Sarah Carter        Recreation Specialist, Dept of PR&W                       316-1510        shcarter@burlingtonvt.gov 

Susan Carter        Recreation Specialist, Dept of PR&W                           316-1512                    sncarter@burlingtonvt.gov

Alyssa Church-Smith   Site Director, Edmunds Middle School                  355-4062                acsmith@bsdvt.org 

Rebecca Reese       Site Director, Hunt Middle School                          316-1454                rreese@bsdvt.org 


Mailing Address:

        Burlington Kids

        c/o Burlington School District

        150 Colchester Avenue

        Burlington, VT 05401


There are many opportunities for kids to participate in our program, be it one day a week for a specific activity, or every day that school is open.  A great benefit of our program is that we can meet the varying needs of so many of Burlington’s families and kids. Please read this handbook carefully – you’ll find lots of important information that you need.  And, always consult your Site Director with any additional questions or concerns – or, simply to introduce yourself!

Burlington Kids is built on the following mission statement:

We stand by this mission and look forward to working with you, our families, in giving kids great opportunities to learn and grow after school.  Our program staff are also key players in carrying out this mission, many of whom you know from previous years at Burlington Afterschool and City Kids.  They look forward to seeing you and your children again, or to meeting you for the first time.

Families are a critical part of the collaboration.  We need your support, input, and energy.  Please do not hesitate to connect with your Site Director and staff about your child’s and family’s needs – we can better meet your needs together.  We look forward to a great year!

Pathways to Afterschool


Daily Cost

Mon/Tues/Thur/Fri, 2:50-5:30 pm, Wed, 1:50-2:50 pm        $14.50/child/per day

Full Week:                                                        $72.50

Late pickup fee/family/each 5 min increment after 5:30 pm        $10

Late Pick Up

The SD will notify the family of the late charge and send this information to the BKids Billing Specialist within 24 hours of each occurrence. The Billing Specialist will add these charges to the family’s monthly bill.

Participant fees are an important source of financial support for the program. We have made every effort to assure that these programs are affordable for all families and offer several ways to reduce the cost.

Billing & Payments Due

Billing Process

- Bills are mailed to families at the start of each month for the previous month of afterschool. Families will be charged for all scheduled days, along with any late pickup fees. Families are responsible for paying the daily fee based on the number of days a child is scheduled to attend, regardless of whether or not the child attends on those days.

- The daily fee represents the student’s “spot” in Burlington Kids, which defines the number of staff hired, supplies purchased and snack amounts ordered, etc. Burlington Kids cannot deduct fees from bills if a student is absent from the program.

- If families receive Subsidy, the amount will be credited to their account as we receive the funds from the State. Families who receive Subsidy will be billed later in the month as these funds are received after the month is over.

- Families who receive Sliding Scale or Academic Support Discounts will see the reduced charges on each month’s bill.

Payment Expectations

- Payment is expected two weeks after receipt of the Invoice.

- Credit/Debit card electronic bank account payments are accepted and may be made online at MySchoolBucks.com. Instructions for online payments are noted on the reverse side of Invoices.

- Checks should be made payable to Burlington Kids and should note the student's name and/or Invoice Number. Cash and money orders are also accepted.  Payments may be mailed (or dropped off in the case of cash/money orders) to:

Burlington Kids

150 Colchester Ave.

Burlington, VT 05401

NOTE: Site Directors cannot accept any payments at the program sites.

Overdue Balance Policy

- At point of registration, all overdue balances must be paid in full, including balances from previous school years and for siblings.

- Periodically, families will receive written notice of any overdue balance owed and will be given a certain amount of time to pay the balance in full.

- If it is not possible to pay in full, families will be asked to contact the Billing Specialist to establish a written Payment Plan. 

- If these balances are not paid in full or a Payment Plan is not put in place, students will not be able to attend the program after the noted deadline. Students may resume attending the program after the balance has been paid in full or a written Payment Plan is put in place, assuming that the space has not been given to a waitlisted student.

- Payments must be received by the Date Due. If a payment is made after this deadline, the student(s) will be eligible to attend afterschool on the following day. For example, a payment on Monday will clear the student(s) to attend afterschool on Tuesday. 

        - Any questions about bills should be directed to Phuket Jennings, Billing Specialist.

        324-7872 or pjenning@bsdvt.org.


Families must fill out a Registration Packet for each student before beginning the program.  However, the completed Registration Packet does not automatically guarantee admission to the program.  Depending on the capacity of each Burlington Kids site, there may be a waiting list for some age groups.

While we make every effort to enroll every student who wants to participate in Burlington Kids, students who need care after school are given priority for registration.  All remaining registrations (i.e. students attending for enrichment only) received by the deadline will be taken on a first come, first serve basis. After the daily maximum is reached, the remaining students will be placed on the waiting list and will be admitted as soon as spots become available.

Importantly, families must have a payment plan in place before their student(s) may begin to attend afterschool. Families will indicate on the Registration Form if they plan to pay the daily fee for their child(ren) to attend. Financial Support is available via the Child Development Division's State Subsidy, the Burlington Kids’ Sliding Scale Discount, and Academic Scholarships.  Efforts to get the forms for Subsidy and Sliding Scale processed continue throughout the summer. Site Directors will have copies of both these forms available to new families during the school year. The SD will work directly with teachers and families who are eligible for Academic Scholarships.

In order for a student/family to qualify for sliding scale, they must first have completed and submitted the subsidy paperwork .  No sliding scale paperwork will be approved without having first submitted subsidy.  If a family has been denied within the last year, they do not need to reapply (i.e. if they got denied in May, they do not need to reapply in August; they can just fill out sliding scale).  If it has been more than a year since they have applied and been denied, they MUST reapply before completing sliding scale.

Information for two emergency contacts, other than parents or legal guardians, must be on file as required by the state in order for the student to attend Burlington Kids.  BSD home-school liaisons and translators can help families with this piece, if needed.

The Site Director will contact families a minimum of one week before either the Pre-Session or Activity Session begins to either confirm their student’s enrollment, or that the student has been placed on the waiting list. Letters will go home to both the students registered for B’KIDS, as well as


Families must complete and submit these materials in order to enroll:

      1.  Burlington Kids Registration Packet must be filled out in its entirety, with:

  1. Financial Support Documents:  If a family wishes to apply for financial support, they must apply for State Subsidy first, and then for the District’s Sliding Scale. The Site Director will provide the appropriate paperwork and also connect families with Ali Dieng, Family Outreach Coordinator. The family must submit this paperwork in its entirety, and have a payment plan in place, before the student(s) may begin attending the program.  

  1. Parent Handbook Sign-off Sheet:  Parents must sign and return the sign-off sheet (located at the end of the Burlington Kids Family Handbook) to indicate they have read the handbook and understand the policies.

  1. Session Activity Sign-up form: Parents/Guardians should complete with their child the sign-up form for the current session’s activity offering. The form is included in each Session’s Activity Brochure. Should the family not complete the sign up form, the program staff will assign daily activities based on availability and student choice.

Payment & Financial Support

Full Fee

Families will indicate on the Registration Packet how they intend to pay for afterschool care. Families that indicate that they intend to pay the Full Fee will not to complete any of the following forms of financial support paperwork.

State of Vermont Child Care Subsidy

Burlington Kids is a program licensed by the State of Vermont. Families who are eligible may receive funding assistance through the Department of Children & Families and Child Care Resource.  Families applying for assistance must submit a completed application with the required documentation to Child Care Resource, and they must have a payment plan in place before children can begin attending Burlington Kids.  Paperwork may be obtained from the Site Director, and families are responsible for submitting the paperwork by giving it to the Site Director, or faxing or mailing their paperwork to Child Care Resource. The Family Outreach Coordinator is available to help with paperwork and to facilitate the process.

Childcare Resource will send a letter indicating that subsidy has either been granted -- either in full or partially -- or denied. Families that do not receive 100% subsidy may apply for Sliding Scale Tuition Assistance (see below).  

Sliding Scale Tuition Assistance

Families who are denied subsidy, or who receive less than 100% subsidy, from Child Care Resource may apply for Sliding Scale Tuition Assistance. Families may request a Sliding Scale Application from the Site Director or from Phuket Jennings, Billing Specialist, at 324-7872 or pjenning@bsdvt.org. Sliding Scale discounts are based on family gross income levels in order to provide access for all students to the program, regardless of ability to pay.

Academic Financial Support

Burlington Kids offers a limited number of scholarships to students based an academic need for afterschool academic support, such as Homework Help, ELL services or an targeted academic enrichment activity. Teachers and school-day staff can complete the Academic Referral Form for students they recommend for academic afterschool services. The student’s family must also first complete Subsidy and Sliding Scale paperwork before Academic Financial Support is approved.

NOTE: A payment plan must be in place before children can begin attending Burlington Kids.



Families must contact the Site Director if, for any reason, a student will be absent from Burlington Kids.  This is a state licensing requirement.  The Site Director will be on-site daily after 10 am, and families may also leave a message via email or voicemail if the Site Director is not available.  

If a student is absent from the program, is scheduled to attend that day, and there has not been prior notice given of the student’s absence and the student is not listed as absent from school then, the Site Director or Assistant Director will begin calling the contact numbers listed on the student’s registration packet.  If unable to contact a parent, guardian or emergency contact, the Site Director’s next step will be to contact the Burlington Police Department to report the student’s absence and begin a search for him/her.

Please include contact numbers for verification of child's attendance in the registration packet.  Per state licensing requirements, Burlington Kids needs two additional emergency contacts, other than parents or legal guardians.

Daily Schedule

Once a student is registered for Burlington Kids and enrolled in a Session, the Site Director will send the student’s schedule home to the family.  After the student’s schedule is determined, families will be charged for those days even if the student is absent.   

Vacation Days

Burlington Kids is not able to provide child care during days that school is closed.  The City of Burlington, Parks & Recreation Department will be providing child care during many of the school vacation days, which will run at different sites (but not all sites) throughout the year.  Site Directors will be in contact with P&R, and will provide families with information about child-care alternatives during school vacations. Families may contact the Parks & Recreation Department directly regarding vacation programming: 864-0123.

Withdrawing from the program

Families have the option of withdrawing students from the program at any time and must provide a two-week written notice to the Site Director. This can be via email or a written paper document.  BKIDS must have this two-week notice before withdrawing a student due to the administrative work necessary to make the change and to adjust staffing as necessary.  Families will be billed for this two-week period.


In the registration packet, families fill out a “pick up list” of people who are authorized to pick up their child(ren).  If a person who is not on that list comes to pick up the child, Burlington Kids will not release the child without seeing acceptable ID and receiving verbal or written permission from the primary guardian.  For safety purposes, when  children are picked up from the program, Burlington Kids must make sure that an authorized adult signs out each child, with a parent/guardian signature.  A Site Director or member of BK staff will direct adults to the sign-out sheets when they arrive to pick up children.


Burlington Kids will release students to everyone on their “pick up list” unless there have been restrictions imposed in a court of law.  In such a case, Burlington Kids requires a copy of the custody order to keep in our files.

Importantly, any student with permission to walk home will be released at a time that the parent/guardian confirms with the Site Director. During winter when it is dark at departure time, the Site Director will confirm with the parent/guardian whether a student can continue to walk home.


In the event that school is canceled at the beginning of the school day or closed during the school day (e.g. snow or ice storm) the program WILL NOT operate and families will not be charged.  Additionally, in the event of a facility hazard or potential facility catastrophe (such as a gas leak or bomb threat), Burlington Kids will follow school evacuation procedures and attempt to reach all families as to students’ whereabouts.  The BSD website and local FM radio stations will broadcast the news of such events, as well as school closings.  In addition, the BSD Connect 5 automated phone message will be sent to all affected families.  For safety purposes, Burlington Kids requires that permission be given to the Site Director if a person unknown to us will be picking up students from the evacuation facility.  If there are questions regarding the school’s evacuation plan, please read your child’s school handbook or contact school personnel.


If a student is sent home from school due to a behavioral problem or illness, she/he is not permitted to attend Burlington Kids on that day.  If a student is suspended from school, she/he also is not permitted to attend Burlington Kids for the duration of the suspension – regardless if the suspension is in school or out of school.  Families are not required to pay for scheduled days during a student’s suspension from the program.

If a student left school prior to dismissal for other reasons (medical appointment, etc) and have not returned by the end of the school day, s/he may not attend the program that day and will be marked absent.


There are three (3) Activity Sessions during the course of the school year.  Each 10-12 week Session features a unique schedule of activities that meet one or more times per week for the duration of the session.  These activities will meet only on regular school days. Families and students together choose the activities they are interested in by filling out and submitting a sign-up form (included with the Activity Brochure for each Session) and indicating the 1st and 2nd choice for each time slot.  Families are encouraged to involve their student(s) when selecting activities. Staff will also work with students to help select activities as needed. Should the completed sign-up not be returned on time, staff will place students in activities according to availability and student interest.


Students at all BKids sites will be served an optional supper as part of the afterschool program. Supper is served after students are released from school and are picked up by the BKids staff. Our supper program goal is to offer a nutritionally balanced meal which complements the school lunch and provides after school participants with a variety of fresh, kid friendly food choices in an environment that promotes food education and character development. Alternatively, students may bring a snack from home to eat instead of the supper that is offered.

Children will also receive a daily, healthy snack to take home at the end of the day.

Activity Choices 

The Site Director develops the activity schedule and creates the Activity Sigh-up brochure for each session. Site Directors seek input from staff, students, families, school personnel and others to help them develop a variety of activities to meet the varied interests of the students who participate in the program. Burlington Kids strives to offer fun, engaging recreational and learning opportunities for all students.  Some of our instructors are hired from local organizations like Burlington City Arts and the ECHO Science Center; some are school-day teachers or para-educators. Other activities are led by “core staff” members who work hard to staff Burlington Kids every day, and have a specialty or interest in the activity that they are leading. 

Activity Brochures

Activity Brochures include descriptions of each session’s activities and are sent to all families prior to the start of each session.  Families have approximately one week to complete the sign-up form provided in the brochure. The session’s deadline for submitting completed forms will be stated clearly in the brochure.

Families must complete and submit the Burlington Kids Registration Packet and the Activity Sign-up form, and set up a payment plan, before the child(ren) can participate in activities.

Activity Placement

Site Directors work hard to accommodate each student’s choices, but a student may not get his/her first choice of activities every session.  Some activities have limited capacities due to instructor time, cost, space, and other issues.  When possible, the Site Director may try to add additional “sections” of popular activities so s/he can accommodate as many interested students as possible.  

All students wanting to access Burlington Kids, whether they attend every day all year or only once a week for one session, will be given equal opportunity to participate in activities each session, provided there is space available and that a family’s bill is paid up to date.  Students may not always receive their first choice for an activity.

Pick-Up Time

Families are encouraged to choose activities for each session carefully with their child(ren).  The Site Director will communicate to families which activities are more structured and require consistent attendance for the entire afternoon's activity block, and which are more flexible regarding pick up time. For example, students going on an off-site activity, typically won't return to the site until after 5:00 pm

PBIS and Discipline Policy


Each Burlington Kids site implements PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) during afterschool, continuing the expectations, guidelines and structures in place during the school day. PBIS is a behavioral framework used throughout the country to teach students positive behaviors. Students are to be taught appropriate behaviors before entering different situations and spaces.  At BSD, we focus our teaching around three main themes- respect, responsibility, and safety.  Students are taught what it means to be safe, respectful, and responsible and then review and practice this regularly in a variety of spaces and situations.  The idea of PBIS is to clearly set out expectations for students before they start an activity in order to curb possible negative behaviors.  Students are rewarded for modeling this positive behavior in a variety of ways such as specific praise and through other site based incentives.

While the focus of PBIS is on pre-teaching and rewarding expected behaviors, PBIS also focuses on a clear line of consequences when expectations are not met.  Students are familiar with what these steps are and all staff are trained on how to follow up with students when expectations are not being met.

Behavior Matrix

We must ensure the emotional and physical safety of all program participants and staff at all times. Threats, threatening behavior, inappropriate language, harassment, or acts of violence against employees, students or other individuals will not be tolerated. Violations of this policy will lead to disciplinary action, including dismissal from Burlington Kids.  

In the event that the Burlington Kids’ rules are broken by a student, the following policy, as outlined below, will be implemented at the Site Directors’ discretion.

Note: As with the school policy, students can be suspended or “fast tracked” depending on the severity of the behavior or incident.

Burlington Kids Behavior Matrix   *Note: As with the school policy, students can be “fast tracked” through steps depending on the severity of the behavior or incident.


1st  Occurrence

2nd  Occurrence

3rd Occurrence

4th Occurrence

5th Occurrence

Physical Contact        

Inappropriate Language/ Conduct

Continued defiance/disrespect/


Reminder and time out from activity leader; review of expectations

Report written and placed in file

Sent to SD/ASD; loss of privilege (class or recess time)

Report written and placed in file; copy given to parent

Sent to SD/ASD; loss of privilege (class or recess time)

Report written and placed in file; copy given to parent

One day suspension

Meeting with student at re-entry

Sent to SD/ASD; loss of privilege (class or recess time)

Report written and placed in file; copy given to parent

Two day suspension

Parent/guardian and student meet with SD before re-entry to complete behavior contract

Removal from that day's programming; parent may be called to pick up

Report written and placed in file; copy given to parent

Parent/guardian and student meet with SD to discuss next steps; possible long-term suspension or  removal from program

Physical Aggression

Threatening/ Explicit Language

Theft/Property Damage

Removal from that day's programming; parent may be called to pick up

Report written and placed in file; copy given to parent

Two day suspension

Parent/guardian and student meet with SD before re-entry to complete behavior contract

Removal from that day's programming; parent will be called to pick up

Report written and placed in file; copy given to parent

One week suspension

Parent/guardian and student meet with SD before re-entry to complete behavior contract

Removal from that day's programming; parent will be called to pick up

Report written and placed in file; copy given to parent

Parent/guardian and student meet with SD to discuss next steps; possible long-term suspension or  removal from program

Leaving program area

*Police will be called immediately if student leaves property

Call to parent for pick-up

Report written and placed in file; copy given to parent

Two day suspension

Parent/guardian and student meet with SD before re-entry to complete behavior contract

Call to parent for pick-up

Report written and placed in file; copy given to parent

Parent/guardian and student meet with SD to discuss possible removal from program

Suspected bullying or harassment

See district policy in Family Handbook

Behavior Contract

In some cases, a meeting must take place between the family, the program Site Director and (if needed) other school personnel before the student is readmitted to the program.  A written plan will result from that meeting and copies of the plan will be given to everyone involved.  The plan will include, but is not limited to:

-- Description of the behavior(s) that the student was engaging in

-- Description of the acceptable, appropriate and desired behaviors.

        NOTE: This may include listing 1-3 strategies for the student and/or BKids to employ to help         make him/her more successful in meeting his/her behavior goal.

-- Description of the consequences for continued unacceptable behaviors

-- Signatures of all parties to indicate agreement with the contract

Burlington Kids is committed to providing a safe, healthy environment for both students and staff. We try our best to work with the needs of all families, including instituting various types of behavior plans when needed.


The ADA prohibits discrimination based on disability and requires after school programs and schools to provide reasonable accommodations unless the accommodation would fundamentally alter the program, pose a direct threat to the child or others, or otherwise impose an undue burden on the center or school.

The mission of Burlington Kids is to “foster the social and academic success of Burlington youth through quality programming in an environment that creates lasting connections with peers, adults and the community.”  To this end, the Burlington Kids Afterschool Program strives to meet the needs of all students enrolled in the program.  In order to ensure a successful and positive after school experience, Burlington Kids Site Directors and Assistant Site Directors may communicate with school day staff to help make accommodations based on a child’s IEP or 504 plan.  With this information, Burlington Kids strives to make all reasonable accommodations within the scope of the program. These plans will be set up on an as needed basis by the site director.  A meeting to discuss a plan or the creation of one can be requested by the parent also.

If a child is not able to actively or safely participate in enrichment and recreation opportunities with these reasonable accommodations in place, their participation may need to be further evaluated.



Vermont's immunization law requires all students in Burlington Kids to have a record on file with us.  The immunization record must include the month and year of inoculation for the following vaccines:  diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, measles and rubella.  Some families choose not to have their children vaccinated for religious or personal reasons.  If this is the case, Burlington Kids must have a certified waiver in place of an immunization record.  The immunization records on file at the school will be sufficient for this purpose, and the Site Director must know where these are located.


Burlington Kids recognizes that students may need the use of medication during program hours.  If a family requires that a student take medication during program hours, we require that the following regulations are followed:

1.        Medication Form is filled out completely.

2.          Medication must be brought in original container with pharmacy label and given to a staff member.

3.        Staff will keep a written record of administering the medication.

Remember...No medication will be dispensed without the proper forms and original container.


Burlington Kids does not have the staff, nor the facilities, to care for children who are too ill to take part in regular activities.  If a child appears to be very ill (flu symptoms, breathing difficulties, etc.), Burlington Kids will immediately contact the family/guardian.  If a student has a temperature of 100° or above, Burlington Kids will contact the parents/ guardian and send the child home for the day. If the condition involves the possibility of head lice, staff will use discretion and decide whether to phone parents/guardians, or speak with them at pick-up.  

Any time a student becomes ill during the program's hours, Burlington Kids will call the primary contact person listed on the student’s registration and ask them to come pick up the ill student.  If staff cannot reach the primary contact, Burlington Kids will call one of the emergency contacts that the family has listed on the student’s registration.

Burlington Kids will not exclude children from the program for head lice.  Burlington Kids expects, however, that children and their home environment will be treated if they are infested, as lice spreads easily in close quarters such as schools and homes.


In the event of an accident, staff will complete an accident form and detail any treatment given to student, so that families have a record of the care given.  Burlington Kids will keep a copy on file with students’ records. In the event of a serious injury, the program policy is to call 911 first. Only Burlington Kids staff members with First Aid & CPR certification will administer aid to an injured child.  Staff will next attempt to locate the family/parent/guardian.  The child may be taken immediately to the emergency room for treatment prior to parental/legal guardian contact.

In the case of an emergency in which Burlington Kids staff are unable to reach a parent/guardian or emergency contact, the Site Director will contact the Burlington Police Department.


Burlington Kids needs and welcomes family participation. The staff invites you to visit and requests that you provide advance notice. A visiting parent must check in with the Site Director and wear a visitor’s badge.  A family may request an opportunity to discuss their child’s participation, or obtain information about the facility at any time.  The Site Director will provide a family access to their child's file upon request.

If families have a concern, complaint, compliment, suggestion or an idea, they are encouraged to share it with the Site Director.  If families feel as though their concerns need additional attention, they may contact the Director of Expanded Learning Opportunities, Christy Gallese, at 540-0285.  The Site Director will notify the families promptly of any action of the Licensing Division which results in a change in the terms of the license of the program.

If in the event families have a concern that needs to be addressed by the Childcare Licensing Division of the State of Vermont, families may contact the at 1-800-540-7942.


As with all students that attend the Burlington Kids Afterschool Program, parents are expected to treat fellow parents, staff members and students with respect. If a situation arises in which a Site Director feels that a parent is threatening the safety or well-being of a staff member, child or fellow parent, Site Director may ask the parent to leave the premises immediately. If a situation like this arises, the Site Director must notify the Lead Site Director and Director of Expanded Learning Opportunities as soon as possible. Further evaluation of the parent’s involvement with the program will then be addressed with Lead Site Director, Director of Expanded Learning Opportunities and possibly school principal.


Any Burlington Kids staff member who has reasonable cause to believe that a child's physical or mental health or welfare has been or is being harmed or abused, or that the child is threatened with harm, or that the child is a victim of neglect is required to report such belief to the Site Director. The staff member must make a report directly to DCF by calling 800-649-5285. A written report can be FAX’d to DCF at 802-241-3301.

All Burlington Kids staff members must maintain the confidentiality of the students attending the program. Discussions about students, specific concerns about behavior or other personal issues may occur with the staff member and the Site Director/Asst Site Director and the student’s family/guardian, and with the school day staff, as appropriate. Student information may not be shared with other individuals. The Site Director will share information about a student with staff members on a need to know basis. All child/family records will be kept confidential unless otherwise required by law or emergency.


I have read, understand and agree to the policies stated in the Family Handbook for the Burlington Kids Afterschool Program.  I have also received a copy of the handbook for my own reference.

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NOTE: Addendum to the Permission Form & Statement of Understanding in the 2016-2017 Registration Packet, per Vermont Afterschool Licensing Regulations: