Revy's Halloween

One day Revy, a very naughty boy, woke up at 6:00 in the morning! He could not afford to miss Halloween. He got out of bed brushed his teeth and noticed… He didn't have a costume for Halloween! He remembered everything but the most important thing, his costume! His mom not dad were awake to give him money! Either way he ran down to his parents room and tried to wake his parents up. After his 31st try he managed to wake them up! After his mom woke up, Revy begged for money to go buy a costume. His mom gave him money but Revy could not go to the store by himself. So, Revy went to his neighbor's house, Mr. Hemlock, (who is a grandpa) and asked him if he could go to the Halloween store to buy a Halloween costume. The grandpa said, “yes” and of the went to the store.

After Revy came back from the store he tried out his new costume and it fit perfectly! He got ready to go out into his community to go trick or treating. By the time he got ready for trick or treating he went out the door and he saw a bunch of Halloween decorations. He smiled then started to walk to people's houses. Revy went to his first house and got loads of candy from one house! His bucket was almost full!

After that Revy went to the next house. The house was dark with lots of decorations and it looked like no one was in the house! Revy thought it was just for fun to scare people so he went ahead and knocked on the door, the door slightly opened and Revy went inside! He put his candy on the floor and said hello. The sound echoed through the whole house. Then suddenly the door closed and it felt like something ran right passed him! The house was pitch black and Revy couldn't see anything. But, good thing that Revy got a glow stick from the house before. He ran to the place where he put his basket but his basket full of candy was nowhere to be seen! Revy looked everywhere but couldn't find his basket where he left it! He couldn't see anything, he missed his parents, and also he was scared! He kept walking into the house to find himself an opening. Then suddenly he heard a loud voice. It was saying, only if you find your treasure you can get out or else... That voice creeped Revy but the voice did say there was a way to get out of the house and that was what Revy wanted to do.

The voice said that there was a treasure in the house and Revy had to find it to get out. Revy was confused to where he should look for the treasure.  The again the loud voice came. It said, you will find the treasure where you go. Revy didn't understand what that meant, so he kept walking. Then he heard a CREEK! Suddenly the floor under Revy opened! Revy jumped back and watched the hidden door open. After the door fully opened he went into the the hidden room. He kept walking into the room. Then he saw something! It was shining bright, and had candles lit all around it, and the item was not big. He walked closer to the item and it was… a key! What was the key for? Revy wondered. Then he remembered when the door shut he saw a keyhole! He ran out of the room and ran to the front door he saw the keyhole! He opened the door and didn't even stand a second in that house and ran to his mom! Revy told his mom the whole story. She was surprised but didn't care that much. That night Revy took off his costume and played video games the whole day! He thought it was the best Halloween ever!

Coming Soon is Revy's Christmas!