Special Edition: NYC Shotcast!

July 13, 2014

Special Edition: NYC Show Notes


Over the weekend of June 14th and 15th, something wonderful happened in New York City: Special

Edition – NYC! The only other event that would have been better: a meteor exploding over the Javitz

Center, giving us all superpowers!

The folks over at ReedPop (organizers of NY Comic Con) decided to put the comic back in comic

convention, with this rather small and intimate show in NYC – the birth place of the comic industry. But

even though Special Edition took place in NYC (a stone’s throw from the “Big 2”), the inaugural event

was all about the creators, fans and comic and collectable vendors that embodies the greatest hobby in


The event was perfect for meeting and thanking some of your favorite creators, as well as getting some

autographs and sketches. And for filling those pesky holes in your comic collection; an easy task with all

the comic vendors there.

Looking forward to SE: NYC 2015!


Got an idea for a Shotcast! of your own? Let me know and we will see about getting you on the air.