General Information

Before the Con - Shipping Materials

Contact us at for more details.

Contact Us/Questions

Please direct all inquiries for exhibition to us at

Set up

Exhibit Tables


After unloading, you may park in the front facility parking lots.


There will be food outlets located inside the Central Wisconsin Convention. The facility is also located within 1-2 miles of several other restaurants.


Hotel rooms are available at several nearby/adjacent hotels for Evercon vendors.  For more hotel information see our hotels listing,

After the Conference - Packing Up

Booth Space Assignment:

All space is assigned solely by Evercon LLC. Evercon LLC's decisions about exhibitor space assignments are final and binding.

Exhibitor Badges


Security personnel will be present during all hours of the show and after hours; however, Evercon LLC is not responsible for property loss, so please arrange your exhibit to discourage shoplifting. Show Management strongly encourages all exhibitors to take reasonable precautions to prevent theft and damages. If an incident occurs, please inform security staff immediately.

General Rules and Regulations

Banner and Display Standards

Behavior Standards for Evercon

Security and Liability