209. Original use

 We went back to Shinju town.

「Lela, I just came back~.」

「Welcome back!」

 She seemed extremely happy, did something good happen?

「Ah, that's right, the【twin magic stones】you requested. I obtained it.」

「Oh, thank you......」

 Lela blushed and bloomed with a smile.

 Huh?? Is Lela always like this?

「Where's mine, onii-chan?」

「Seiji-sama, mine too......」

 Aya and Elena cut in.

「I only bought Lela's.」


「Since I always act together with Aya and Elena,

 it won't be needed.」

「It's not like that!

 It's when onii-chan went to work~.」

「At that time, there's the smartphone.」

「T-, That's right but......

 I wanted to try hitting the magic stone and summon onii-chan, you know~.」

「Am I a『genie of the lamp』or something!?」

「Seiji-sama, I don't have a smartphone!」

 After Aya, it's Elena......

「Then, I will buy a smartphone for Elena and Hilda next time.」

「Seiji-sama, thank you very much!」

「Me too, Seiji-onii-chan?」

「Yeah, one way or another, it will be convenient for you to have one as well, Hilda.」

「Yay, Seiji-onii-chan daisuki!!」

 Umu, it seems the monthly usage fee will become dreadful......


 being told『thank you』and『onii-chan daisuki』by cute girls is priceless!


 When I suddenly looked,

 Lela remained entranced, staring at the twin magic stones.

「Oi Lela, what's wrong?」

「N?  Ah, n-, nothing......」

 With a smiling face, Lela put the magic stone into a small pouch, tied it off with a string and hang it on her neck.


 the other half of the twin magic stones that I have began to subtly vibrate with *tokun tokun*.

 This is the original use of the twin magic stones, huh~.

 Since it's pointless for me to keep holding the other part of the twin magic stones too, I put it away in my breast pocket.

 Then Lela placed her hand on her chest with a strange expression.

 I don't understand her well.

「Well, putting the talk of the twin magic stones aside, let's talk about this.」

 As I said so, I took out the twin-magic-stones string phone which is connected to Kiseri-san at the magic stone shop.

「N?  Didn't you hand this over to otou-sama?」

「This one is connected to another person.」

「Another person?」

「Ikebu town's magic stone shop's Kiseri-san.」

「Ah, that magic stone shop, huh.」

「Do you know Kiseri-san, Lela?」

「Yeah, because it's a famous shop.」

 Is Kiseri-san's shop so famous?

「So, what's with Kiseri-san?」

「Several magic stones of Kiseri-san's shop seems to have been supplied to several devil-kin.」

「What did you say!?」

「Well, it can't be helped since Kiseri-san didn't know that the devil-kin have been targeting the town as well.

 I think that it's better for him to discuss this time's matter with Lela or something like that.」

「I see, I will also discuss this with otou-sama and try to think a countermeasure.」

「Enough with that talk.

 How many【Holy water】were you able to create?」

 When Aya removed the cloth covering the table with a self-satisfied look―

 all the 100 small bottles which I bought from the 100 Yen Shop were filled with holy water.

「You were able to make it all, huh......」

「Because I did my best~.

 That's why I have the top priority when the 'that' potion is made.」

 That potion?

 Ah, the breast potion, huh!

「Aya, you don't need it in particular, right?」

「But you've never seen them!」

「Didn't I always see them when you were small?」

「They are different at that time!!」

 Like I want to make sure how they are different, I don't want to check......

 well, it's fine, just right for a guinea pig.

「Well, although the sun is already about to set,

 let's visit two more places and return.」

「To more places to visit?」

「We'll return to the Royal Capital and visit the mana crystal of wind and thunder,

 and finally, leave the sword to Masamune-san.」

「I think we should probably head

 toward Masamune-san in the demonkind town first though.」

「It will be troublesome if we are to fight a monster on the way.」

「We have other weapons as well!」

「Well, that's right but......」


 We went to the Royal Capital and Masamune-san's weapon shop and return to Japan.

 By the way, Hilda and Mai-san's level of wind and thunder......

 Hilda has both level 3 wind and thunder.

 Mai-san's are both level 1.

 Hilda may have aptitude for magic after all.


│Name: Hilda

│Occupation: Magician

│Level: 17

│HP: 380

│MP: 1074

│Power: 33 Endurance: 29

│Ability: 44 Magic power: 102


│ Wind 3, Lightning 3

│ Water 3, Ice 3

│ Earth 1, Fire 3

│ Body reinforcement 1

│ Short blade techniques 1

│ Dismantling 3



│Name: Kawai Mai

│Occupation: Karate practitioner

│Level: 22

│HP: 3, 137

│MP: 1, 901

│Power: 273 Endurance: 270

│Ability: 226 Magic power: 190


│ Wind 1, Lightning 1

│ Water 1, Ice 1

│ Fire 3, Earth 2

│ Body reinforcement 3

│ Magic power perception 3

│ Body techniques 5, Staff techniques 5

│ Sword art 3, Short blades techniques 4