Farm Workers Conduct Code & Duties

This document applies to all farm boys/girls working in the VA Farm. Students are recommended to read this code and be aware of it.

I. Hierarchy

II. Protocol

III. Movement

IV. Appearance

V. Duties

I. Hierarchy

The hierarchy in farm roles is the following:

Farm Master/Mistress (Farm Head)

Farm Overseers & Special Farm Staff (e.g. Craftsman)

Farm girls, farm boys (Farmers)

The hierarchy in general school roles, is:

School Headmistress & Headmaster

Full rank Faculty (Teachers and Staff)

New Faculty and Staff (Visiting teachers)

Farm Master/Mistress

Have authority over:

School Prefects & School Auxiliary Staff (e.g. Nurses)

Farm Overseers & Special Farm Staff (e.g. Craftsman)

School Students

Have authority over:*

Farm girls, farm boys (Farmers)

*Students are not allowed according with school rules to punish farm girls, boys. Scoldings can apply. They can boss farmers, but they are not forced to (as nobody should force a certain mindset).

II. Protocol

Farmers are to follow the same protocol as in Victoria Academy Etiquette Guide towards everyone above them (including students).

Furthermore, they are to show a demure attitude and behaviour at all times.

They are not students and they shouldn’t act as such. They shouldn’t be cheeky, talk back, act out etc in presence of superiors or even among themselves.

When invited to school events or in school they are to stand on the side, not in the center of the group and wait for orders. They are not to stare or make faces at anyone, from students up.

III. Movement

Farmers are to stay at all times in Farm Area unless permitted otherwise.

They can be in stables area with good reasons: to take care of horses, prepare the horse for one of the students or staff etc. Same applies for Witzend, they can be around to help its cleaning (this should be supervised by the farm heads).

Farm overseers & staff can move in campus, when they have a reason to do so.

When in farms area, farm overseers or farmers are not to enter unallowed in buildings  that are not public / inhabited by them.

Farm girls & boys will not attend classes. They are not allowed as a default to participate in classes, clubs or other educational activities. They are allowed to attend school events like parties or show. They can be allowed in class if the stables master allows them and the teacher agrees, but do not count on it.

IV. Appearance

The Farm Staff, generally, is not to wear uniform, but proper, decent farm clothing. They will be provided such from the school if they need. Their appearance should be neat and proper at all times, from shoes, undergarments, dresses, pants, to hair and nails. Guidelines will be provided if needed.

Especially for farm boys/girls:

Their hair should be caught at the back, in a bun etc.

Aspect should be clean when outside farm, from shoes to hands.

Acceptable clothing options, examples:

If having maids duty, outfit will be provided from school.

Underwears should be simple, without lace or decorations.

Nightgowns in the same lines as described above.

V. Duties

Farm staff duties varies on case by case scenario.

For farm workers, the basic duties are:

  1. Farm Chores arranged by Farm Head, based on goals set by school (*goals to be set at a further date in project)
  2. Helping Farm Staff with anything they need
  3. Helping Clean Witzend area
  4. Keeping their living area clean
  5. Helping school girls with chores they might have, if asked so and permitted by school staff
  6. Be Available for school staff if needed
  7. Serving tea in School if the school maid is not available.

VI. Farm Goals

The Victoria Farm will not produce things just for the sake of producing. One of the major goals, is providing supplies and food to the VA kitchen, for our students and staff.

The expectations for what should be produced, will be set below, so will the protocol and instructions for delivering them to the school kitchen.

VI. 1. Protocol for delivering products

Every evening, the products should be gathered for delivery the next day. One of the farm girls or boys will be assigned, to make a trip (or trips, as the transport would require) to school, to deliver the products to the school kitchen.

Before she is ready to go, she needs to strive to find a school staff member to supervise that she delivers the products in good order, in the school kitchen (in the dorm). If no staff available, one of the prefects can help, if no perfect one of the students, not applicants, (but that should be a last resort).

After goods delivered the farm girl / boy has to leave a note to the Farm Head and School Headmistress, with the products delivered and ask the person from school side that supervised you to fill this form ( ). Insist on it, for now it’s important.

VI. 2. Instructions for delivering products

You will need to have the products in your inventory, that’s why you should get them the day before.

On your way wear some baskets with products, so everyone will know what you are doing.

In the dorm kitchen rez the products on the counter and make them buyable with price zero (they can’t be eaten if they are not owned). In the future, a person from school side that will receive and manage the supply will be found.

VI. 3. Products

Farm should deliver as following: