Amanda -  ITT

Cathy G. ISU - Academic

Reba - Public and Special (health science)

Kate F. - academic

Kate R. - Public

Jeannie S. - ICFL

Gina P. - ICFL

Rick S. - UI -- ILA ILC Grand Poobah

Tentative Agenda

Vote on charge

        Rick explained the genesis of the charge as being from the organization meeting discussion at ILA 2015 in Boise. The charge is intended to include aspects of awareness, tool-building/gathering, and professional development. The charge was voted as approved by all attending members.

ILA Information Literacy Charge

The ILA Information Literacy Committee is charged with:

Nominate Vice-Chair

        Rick asked if anyone attending would consider being vice-chair. Nobody indicated they were able. Rick then asked if anyone would suggestion someone. Nobody was comfortable nominating anyone. Rick then asked if the next chair should be a school or public librarian. All agreed that the next chair should be from a public or school library. Rick will try to do some recruiting. Please let him know if you are interested in being Vice-Chair (aka Grand Poobah in Waiting)

Membership model

        Rick asked who are members of this committee: Do we want to recruit a specific roster? Can we declare that every ILA member is part of this committee. Gina checked the ILA bylaws and the roster can be defined broadly. Rick made a declaration as Chair that every ILA member is considered a member of the Information Literacy Committee as information literacy is everyone’s concern. That said, we can still have an list of people who are actively participating on the committee with the expectation that anyone working in a library in Idaho can contribute to this group’s efforts. This declaration can be revisited by the next chair.


        Rick asked should we have dues? What they would be for? Should we approach a vendor to sponsor? Everyone felt dues were not necessary at this time, so this topic was tabled.

Communication plan -- website, etc.

        A website would be helpful for raising awareness. Gina said we can get privileges to the ILA website since the chair is automatically on the board.  Rick will follow-up.

Come up with two proposals for next ILA conference

        There was a good brainstorm around this. Call for proposals will come in January and be open for about 4 weeks.  The conference planners will notify people in Feb.Rick suggested two: State of Information Literacy in Idaho Panel and a Panel of Information Literacy Champions. However the two proposals that gained the most traction were:

  1. Information Literacy Tools presentation-- An overview of IL tools that are easy to use for libraries to start with that will help with building IL skills and assessing them.
  2. Information Literacy Lifespan - a panel presentation about how all libraries are addressing information literacy from birth to beyond. K-12 (Public / School libraries), College/Workplace (Public/Academic). Instead of breaking into silos -- focus on the lifelong IL learner and what resources support that.

Volunteers for presentation proposal help:

Jeannie for the K-12 portion -Perhaps find a high school librarian to help on the committee and to help with presentations to explain how to bridge gap between what students know and need to know for college.

Cathy for tools and assessment

Gina can put together a description/program and finding panelists.

Kate:  check with colleagues for PL's who can contribute.

Information Literacy Proclamation

Spencer Jardine at ISU had put some work into this. Information Literacy Month is in October.

Some states and the President have made formal Information Literacy Proclamations about this:

Information Literacy Month would be a good event to keep this group active each year. Working on the proclamation would also serve to raise awareness and create buy-in opportunity for ILA members around information literacy. Gina brought up that there is an ILA Board meeting soon and it would be a good idea to see how this proclamation might fit into their plans. Rick said he would follow-up with Spencer about this and also bring up with the ILA Board to see about getting their support.

Next meeting will be prior to ILA conference program submissions.

Action Items (Lots of Grand-Poobah items):

  1. Rick will try to recruit a vice-poobah for committee from school/public librarians and also clarification when his term ends.
  2. Rick will figure out how to get a webpage up on the ILA website since he will have ILA board privileges.
  3. Rick / Gina (others) -- will work on program proposal descriptions and recruiting panelists/presenters.
  4. Rick will get in contact with Spencer about IL Proclamation and also ask for input from the ILA Board.