Suggested Typing Tutorials


Dance Mat (free):


Typing Web (free):


Nimble Fingers:


Free Typing Games (free):


Learn 2 Type (free):

Nitro Type


Type to Learn:


Read, Write, Type:

 TypingTest (free).com

ABCYa-- Typing games:


Typing Pal District Software:

Each school has its own URL, different website for each school (go here to find the website of your school:  Many schools have a link to the program on their website. To find info about the program go to Edtech: , click Typing Pal on right side navigational bar to get info. When you get to the Typing Pal site, the student needs to log in using his/her own username: the username they use for logging into any computer,  password = bvsd###### (6 digit student id #).







BVSD Assistive Technology Team:

         Erika Brandstatter, Teacher,

   Becca Stenzel, OT,

                        Paul Visvader, SLP,