Affirmations 06: You’re Always Learning And Healing

You are growing beautifully. you are enough - keep being yourself. I know it can be emotionally challenging at times but you are doing it - well done. Remember that you can rest at any time.

Know that discomfort is just a sensation - it is the body healing and taking an emotional dump, healing and processing, like it does every day. Drop the label (pain/loneliness etc) We don’t have to create a complex story of anxious thoughts around that, we can just feel it and breathe. Watch, wait and wonder at this body doing it’s stuff and trust that the genius mind/body machine is in sync with the way things should be. There is no destination, just unfolding beauty.

This is the human dance! And the purpose is to sing, dance and enjoy the music as it plays out. You can even contribute your own part, for a limited time.

Knowing this is a learning and healing dance you can live at your own pace. There is no such thing as ‘perfect’ and it's okay to make mistakes. To learn most effectively keep coming back to awareness and gratitude in the reality you feel will see that life is beautiful and happening for you. Everything you need is to be found inside and then expressed out.

Life is also happening for those around you - those people are also capable, whole and perfect in their process - we are all equal here on earth and when you understand your own / someone else's story, then  you can love them with ease.

Live in this spiritual knowing and also on the human scale -  in your body - owning choices, with responsibility. Choices then flow from the higher mind, connected with the inner spirit. You are aligned with the open wisdom of the earth. What you put your attention on expands gradually towards you, therefore bring the predominance of your attention onto that which ‘you love’ - as yourself: “what’s inspiring now?” “What am I learning?” “How can I be the change I love?” As you ‘think’, so shall it be (with trust, willingness and patience).

A quote from star trek may help: “there will always be those who mean to do us harm. to stop them, we risk awakening the same evil thinking within ourselves. our first instinct is to seek revenge when those we love are taken from us. but that’s not who we are. we are explorers - seeking to go where no one has gone before. in that is danger, risk and adventure. the purpose of the journey is to help us remember who we once were and who we can be again."
—james t. kirk

So balance listening and intention, trust that life is happening for us and so enjoy the ride, learning new things along the way. Every moment is a lesson in healing, learning from inside first, then out.