Comic Book Podcast, Episode #44

I Do Love a Crossover

This episode of Alt3red Egos is a special crossover with Real Books Don’t Have Batman on the Crisis On Mulitple Podcasts Video Podcast.
How did Alt3red Egos get started and some other particulars about AE.
Aquaman vs Sub Mariner is a clear issue for X.

Every comic is someone's first...

What did we think about the Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Sony vs. Marvel question. Will Marvel ever get those juicey Intellectual Properties back?

Because of the Movie explosion, fans have to remember a time when there were no comic book movies.

Asad aside built a mill and cheese animated movie.

How Frank got into reading Green Lantern again.

Toby McGuire vs.Andrew Garfield.

A little insight on how Alt3red Egos flows.

Death in comic books revisited.

Peter Parker and Miles Morales.

Frank totally hates comic book television, just kidding.

An explanation of Real Books Don’t Have Batman.

Let your podcast and creators know how you feel before it's too late.

Star Wars sidebar.

Where can people get RBDHB, Colson and Friends & COMP? Subscribe on YouTube.

GAU Studios.

Comics Podcast Network.

Alt3red Egos Theme – “Understood By Your Dad” by Brad Sucks.