T3P3 Kossel Mini Kit - Release 2

Assembly Instructions

Chapter 18 - Printbed

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1801 Printbed - Parts required

Glass Printbed

Circular glass plate 200mm diameter x 4mm thick.

Bulldog clips

3 x 19mm bulldog clips for attaching print glasses to the heat-bed.

Z-probe retract pillar

Printed pillar

M3x30 socket capscrew

M3 nut

1802 Fit print glass

Clip the glass plate onto the aluminium heated bed with the bulldog clips provided, spaced approximately 120 degrees apart.  We suggest you place the clips next to the standoffs, rather than in front of the towers where they may get in the way during calibration.

1803 Fit Z-probe retract pillar

Fit an M3 nut into the left-hand end of the upper X-Z extrusion channel and move it along towards the print bed.

Fit the M3x30 socket capscrew to the retract pillar, screw into the nut, slide along until it is almost touching the print bed, and tighten.

Congratulations! You are now ready to start commissioning and calibration.

Finishing touches like tidying up the wiring and fitting the optional filament reel holder will be completed later.