The War

The Story of Universal concern

 with connections

Written by:

 Lord Victoranian and Lord Gladatorus

 of the Order of Tachyon

 with the other generals and soldiers

 of Tachyon

(Lord Victoranian viewpoint “First Encounter”)

It was a time of peace as it has always been when I became the Lord of Tachyon after my mother Cayarus past on the responsibility  to me and descended to the realm of  Electruthez. It was a great time for the Order for there were dozens of solar bridges made making the Order finally able to help others effectively in their troubles.  This was the Golden age of Tachyon and I was going through the universe with not a care in existence. Then something odd happened that hasn’t happened for roughly fifty thousand years. It was new life.

I heard the news from one of the younger Tachyeans that lived on our home world of Destructoryous. His name was Cornelion, a very intelligent fellow that found the life as he was flying to investigate some troubles with the nearby species of Xencanious that lived on Grorax. He heard some noises from the planet Zenocan that was thought to be void of life, yet he heard explosions from the surface. He decided the Xencanious’s could be patient. He entered through the atmosphere to find that the sky was red, and the ground was covered in craters with beings fighting in them with their blood staining the nature that was left from their battle. They were three times as tall as the Tachyeans. They were the color of orange, red and brown with four arms and two tails that were covered with spikes that could pierce through the nearby mountains. Though they made these mountains look like hills, and they were smashing each other to the ground with enough force to break a Tachyean if not careful. Their sheer power worried him as he landed nearby out of sight hoping to be able to communicate with them safely.

He approached them slowly, to his avail he was able to connect to their minds with ease. Then they suddenly stopped the fight and then ran to him ready to attack. Stop please, I want to make peace with you, Cornelion plead to the new beings. They respond, So you want peace, HA! I thought that one was too old to use, right Bntcjnceo. Right nvbijydhe this one will be smashed in an instant by the supreme Blarglorgyan. (Why can't I understand there names and what is a Blarglorgyan), Thought Cornelion. The next thing was that they smashed Cornelion to a pulp, and they left to continue the fight they stopped early when Cornelion was healthy and strong. He was luckily able to fly off planet back to the solar bridge across the system.

The message was sent to me about a day ago, which upsets me because the “events” that took place was about a week ago. I had a conversation with him and he ended up okay, but most of his bones were broken and he was put on Tachyium support to rebuild his Tachyium supply, and will heal his wounds in a short time of only a couple of weeks. He told me the location of the planet and I was shocked to hear how close to home world it was. Infact I would of thought that our system would have been done with creating new life, but now I have to go see what’s up with these new “Blarglorgyan” neighbors.

 I and a few others of my supreme guard went down to the planet we called at the time Zenocan. We were able to use the solar bridge without to much trouble for it normally has worse issues if the world doesn’t have a gate entrance for it to connect to. We were able to see the surface of the world without being notice by the new life. I was very excited at the time because this was my first species that I would have the chance to bring into the Order of Tachyon. The Elders would be pleased by the events that I will achieve here today, or at least that was the plan that I wanted to work. I never wanted this war to happen.

        We started to travel to what seem to be a tower or fortress hundreds of meters high with a dark design of spikes, torches, and black stone. The  Tower seemed to have spotted us for there were fireballs hurtling towards us. Two of my guard swiftly constructed a Tachyium shield to defend from the attack, but some of the ruble fell through the shield hitting the feet of one of the guards. We kept going, but the guard Furrairon was a bit rattle by the attack for he was put on the guard only a few week ago, so this is his first dangerous mission.  He must realise though that it will become tough for the rest of us if they are as powerful as Cornelion explained, then we are going to be ready for anything they will throw at us. We pushed on with the rough gust of wind howling pass us at speeds of ninety five kilometers per hour tearing up the surrounding terrain making our traversing more difficult. During the hike to the tower, there still was the cannon fire from the walls striking the ground near us, missing by only meters even at our faster speeds. Then the ground blew up from near mines that we tripped off, luckily our speed was too fast for the explosions. By the time we got to the “Gate” of the fortress, three of the seven guards were injured by the defensive fire. We decided for one of us to knock incase they trapped the gate, from what we have seen I wouldn’t have doubt it. With luck it seemed that the gate was fine, so we started to approach it when it came down and soldiers of massive size came right at us with spiked clubs and flaming swords. We generated tachyium shields and staffs to defend ourselves. They were quite fast for their size, and with their large numbers of fifty units sicked upon us, we would have been easily defeated there if we were average Tachyeans. Though with the guards training to fight off armies of thousands on their own, and I with the powers of the elite line of the Lords of Tachyon we were able to get them to stop the fight, defeated and exhausted from our ability to see and comprehend every move they made. We left them there unconscious, continuing our way to their leader. Before leaving them we left a note to apologize, it wrote:

I, the Lord of Tachyon and the Galactic Guard atone for

the many we defeated here and hope good rest and

fortune for these brave soldiers I had the honor of battling.

We entered the first chamber of their souring battle palace in hopes to finding one of the higher officials, but instead got more warriors to brawl with. Oddly though they said that by order of the supreme Blarglorgyan, they will guide us to him. They snarled and barked for us to follow them to the staircase that was quite damage and crackley. The walk up was indeed intenseful for the meeting of the ruler of this harsh world of war. There were many holes in the stairwell seemingly from previous battles with my guess of themselves. I realised that it would have been too hard for other beings to be able to live in such tough environments. The stroll to the Supreme Blarglorgyan seemed to have generated fear in the fortress by the way the warriors were acting when they found us, and a storm was forming, and from the looks of it, it was generating purple lightning from the clouds. The storm worsened as we approached the lair of their ruler, and the warriors started to whimper near the final door to the room.

“Oh, so we have a company of new so it appearance,” Spoked the Supreme Blarglorgyan. “Why has your gang of misfits come to my domain. Do you not know the punishment of trespassing on my property is, well to answer your confused faces it is Death by brutal beating of every soldier in my battle tower. Then I would drink your fluids and feast on your corpse,” commanded the power Blarglorgyan. “Oh supreme Blarglorgyan, I and my guard have come to make peace with your species, and give you all gifts to the other worlds of the solar system. I promise that all of you will be respected quickly by the other species of the whole galaxy, no the whole universe if your race joins the Order of Tachyon.” ”Why would I want to have just respect from the rest of the universe when I can be feared by it and have gained double the respect and power I would have had from them. And think of the riches I could get from the whole universe, I would be the strongest warlord of all existence. Now be a good little lizard and show me how to get to the rest of the universe.” Now this was when I decided that things were getting out of hand, but I wasn’t sure of how to escape without immense suffering of myself and the guard. “Well my tell me your name first great Supreme.” “Oh my name you ask, well the time isn’t going anywhere just like you, but if you insist it is Thrirana, Blood lord and bone cruncher of the globe of Waria. And you must be the Lord of Tachyon and the Galactic guard described by the note that was on the pile of my guards. That note was quite sincere for a being who could have killed all of those troops, but either way you made a fool of them and that gives me the most disrespect. For this after you show me how to leave Waria, I will personally rip all of you to shreds.” Then he noticed that we’re almost out the window. He then got up and started a charge directly towards us. We swiftly left the tower just in time to see that he smash through the wall like it was only air in his way. Then he created a whaling snarl that got the cannon fire started up again faster and quite more precise and accurate than before hitting two of the guards midair, but they were still flying and only have small wounds. We then generated a shield mid flight from all of us so the fireballs couldn’t smash us down, trapping us with these monsters. Hundreds of warriors were after us a fast speeds throwing spears and shooting crossbows at us causing small cracks in the Tachyium shielding. We were so close to the bridge and safety from this battle, but then poor  Furrairon got dragged down by one of the faster warriors. I went down and kicked the Blarglorgyan as hard as I could sending it flying hundreds of kilometers and grabbing Furrairon from then. Though I wasn’t fully able to save him for the warrior tore off his left wing. Two of the other guards helped carry him off to the bridge which was just ahead. We were able to see the hundreds of troops behind us screaming and yelling at us while we started our descent. Then a few of them started to try to jump up here which I thought would be impossible for them to do causing me to giggle a little by their silly ways. Then three of them were on the bridge.

We started to head up to the bridge control area mid way the bridge so we can block them off before being able to get to the other species that were on the bridge. We got there just in time to cage them up. They were only a short distance away to the point where if we were about ten seconds slower they could have been a problem. They clawed at the tachyium bar makings noticeable marks in the crystal. Concerned, I called in a squad of ten Tachyeans to secure our “guest” with care and send them back down to their world. As the bridge police approached the cage they noticed that there were more of the Blarglorgyans coming from the end of the bridge at an accelerating momentum trying to attack, and destroy the bridge while they head towards us. We readied to stand our ground against the enemies of our grand Order of Tachyon hoping that we could prepare ourselves to make eventual peace with these aggressive soldiers of the Blarglorgyans.

During our brawl on the bridge, Thrirana was given the prize of the wing of Tachyon. He admired the glow of the tachyium and the light weight it had before he stretched it out. At that point it weigh more than ten of the largest Blarglorgyans. He continued to examine it to find the secrets of these flying lizard people, so he can make his plan of conquest on the universe. He pointed at it a few times to see that it twitched when it felt something touch it. After four or five times the wing was airy again with seemingly no change to the wing other than placement. He worried that he wouldn’t be able to figure it out, this disencourage him, but right before he stopped he considered that if he stopped he would not get the chance of a life’s time to gain the power over the universe and all of it’s wealth. He then realized there were little chunks, which were very hard to see through his five eyes, but they were there, and they were glowing of blue light as if it was making up the wing itself. He went to pull out the chunk so he can tell what it was. When he ripped out the little chunk a bunch of the wing disappeared from it and the air was so clean when it vanished. Amazed he pulled out the other few little chunks and the how wing was now a few tiny pebbles. Then he went to put them down as the weight of them become too heavy to bare.

His thought of this new material stunned him, Are they living beings or a pile of walking rocks? This is insane how dozen of men were by piles of filthy pebbles. He only became more intrigued by the powers of these Tachyon people. His thoughts became that of weapons of mass destruction able to take the form of anything he could imagine, for he remembered that they were able to morph weapons and shields around them. That must have been the pebbles making their arsenal. While he was thinking of the weapons he wanted the Tachyium started to morph into axes and swords of great illumination. He took immediate notice of the reaction from the Tachyium. He had a thought, what if the pebbles work by the user’s thoughts, if so I could make it any weapon I want. With that at mind He started thinking of a flying ship to sail to the “Tachyon lizards” so he can smash them into pieces. The pebbles started to form together into a small vessel that would barely be able to fit him and four other men, still impressed by the feet, but is now disappointed by the puny result.  If only I could get more of the pebbles, then I could use them to kill the lizards. 

Meanwhile, the Tachyeans fought through three hundred Blarglorgyans swiftly and much blood was spilled by the rumble. Two more Tachyeans came to make a holding cell strong enough to contain all of them. There were ten cages in all with sizes fifteen meters high by seventeen meters width and length. The Tachyeans put two hundred and twelve Blarglorgyans in the transport cages to drop them off back on their home world. The bruises the Blarglorgyans had were that of the color sage and bled of a cobalt sticky goo. The cells went up to the newly named Waria with immense speed to get in and out so no trouble would occur. The cages produced a clean oxygen for the Blarglorgyons to breath  in the freezing void of space. As the cells entered the atmosphere the Blarglorgyans started to wake up from getting defeated by the Tachyeans, to start growling at the cages and smashing against the walls. It shook the cages only a tad and the tower was coming into view of the failed warriors. Thrirana saw the cages and started to sprint at them. The cages opened up at the bottom releasing the broken army of Blarglorgyans. Then Thrirana shouted,” Bring down the cages you tramps, they’re useful.”  They then started to jump on top of one of the cages only making it sink slightly. Then more of them started to pile on and by the time all two hundred and fifty of them were on it, it couldn’t move. Thrirana came to the cage and started to rip the Tachyium out of it to show to the others that were on it. “This my army is the key to all of the Lizards destruction. We will use their own rocks against them to win this war.” The army roared to their Master’s plan and soon the cage was apart into a smaller pile of pebbles. Thrirana started to form a craft about to carry a squad of twenty men and they got ready to conquer the nearest world.


The Battle of Cowteria 

(poem of the first major battle from the war)

By: kewatoa, Tachyean of the Reaban system

Of all the fights,

There were those dreadful nights.

When the Blarglorgyans arrived

The people swarmed, and they went to dived

To escape the wrath

Of the Blarglorgyan path.

But they would never survive

For there was Blarglorgyan fright.

We went to the scene

Our senses were keen

The Blarglorgyans attacked

They came in packed

With Tachyium wear

To give us a scare

We were at the wall backed

They ripped us too mean

There was a time to come forth

We ran at them to the north

To find that they left

With the perfect theft

For now I sing

Without any wings

To come up henceforth

That now I am no longer deft


The Crackling of death

(Story of Blarglorgyans)

 told by: Thruhran Tachyean of yofican system

I tell you that the first battle they put me in was that of full insanity. I would have prefered to be sucked up by the Darkness itself than to go through that battle ever again. Those Blarglorgyans are tougher than Tachyium and can hit you so hard that you’ll find that you’ll need to get a week's worth of Tachyium healing before they throw you back in to continue the fight. They were always expecting that we could easily defeat those Blarg heads with a single punch, but it could take a lot of whacks of my staff before they finally pass out. If only we could go and kill those monsters. If only we come, the fight could be won with ease, but then the other world, and species would think that we are too dangerous to interact with. I think though that Victoranian just is too soft to lead a full stale army to defeat those Blarg butts.

Anyways let me tell you about the battle of Truytorya, and how the first guns were brought up. It began on an average morning with the squad I was put into to servalents the area for any unusual activity. I was just about to finish my run when there in the sky came a bunch of ships arriving at this planet. I called in to tell the boys that they found us. They were all panicked by the news, and told me to stay put and they will get to me with reinforcements. I at the time was a stubborn boy, only being two hundred and three years old, so I told them that I won’t need it. Thinking of it now makes me feel real idiotic, but I can’t change what happened now can I. I got my staff at hand ready to whack the nearest Blarglorgyan to realize that there were ten squads of twenty of them bugger coming right towards me. I went to cover, to see that there were more of them coming. I quietly whispered the information back to base to here that the reinforcements won’t get there for another half an hour. I told them that we were not going to be there for another half an hour if they didn’t start to do our part in defending the planet.

That was when I was noticed by one of them Blarglorgyans in their squads. I came at me faster than you could say tachyium. I was lucky That I was one of the fastest Tachyeans in that part of the galaxy, so I was able to escape to see that the boys took my advice. There were ten of us in all fighting off at least five hundred Blarglorgyans with our Tachyium technology. It always makes me flustered by the way the ripped our wings off to make their arsenal of weaponry. I got to the other beating on Blarglorgyans left, right and beneath me when I could notice that we weren’t doing so hot. One of us were out on the floor with his arms bending the wrong way and his tail ripped off, which was a first for me to see. This seemed to be a losing battle with there being more Blarglorgyans flooding into the fight, and we only have taken out fifty with there now being about a thousand of them excluding the ones we defeated. Hope was lost by that point.

But then at just the right time the reinforcements came with that being twenty Tachyeans ready to join in, and the natives of the land were coming in with these things that were blasting the Blarglorgyans. That would stun them long enough for their cannons to flatten them. Yes, we let the natives kill the Blarglorgyans because if they thought it was necessary they could kill the intruders. Of course that still didn’t give the okay for us to kill them for that could still affect the way we were viewed. The battle became a madhouse with chunks of the Blarglorgyans flying through the air showering there goo like blood on us. The natives were the Corlactarians, quite the intelligent race second only to the Tachyeans of course, though many of them died in battle against the Blarglorgyans as they started to use their cannons from their ships. I and a few of the boys went to defend the Corlactarians from the cannon fire, and when we got there we were informed that there was going to be more Tachyean soldiers on their way. I was excited for this was an amazing battle to watch, sadly I had to generate shielding from the cannon fire of the enemy ships. I was getting exhausted from the continuous generation of new shields because the cannon fire had the ability to shatter the Tachyium like that of glass get hit be a rock.

 I thought this was only going to be a small battle until I looked up to see dozens of Blarglorgyan Tachyium vessels sailing through the sky. This battle might last for a long time for it seemed that every time the Blarglorgyans number seem to drop significantly they would flood in double the amount they had before. It might be because they are continuously transporting more troops, but that would be absurd I thought at the time. After that thought though I noticed some of the ships leave and new ones took their place. I informed one of the higher Tachyeans of this and she seemed to notice what I was saying, so she contacted the others to inform them of my news. That caused the reinforcements that just arrived to target their ships. I noticed that on the second day of the battle, and when our forces started to attack the ships, the Blarglorgyans started to retreat picking up what few troops they could. It seems that this was our victory by my heroic actions they said, but I thought I was just bored of shield generation, and decided that the sky would hopefully look better. The rest of the surviving Blarg butts were transported to an isolated planet until put on trial, if they weren’t killed on the spot by the Corlactarians with their blasters.

“I hope that was helpful to your report there,” I said. “Yes it was, thankyou for what you have done for our Order,” said Victoranian disguise as a smaller reporter Tachyean. “Oh, by the way I got to give it to you Victoranian, I thought when I was insulting you you would flip out. Good thing we have a calm sensible leader to run the Order of Tachyon.” Victoranian was shocked to know that Thruhran knew it was him, but glad at the same time. “I think that after this story I have finally decided to kill those Blarglorgyans for there has been to many lost by this war. I plain to change that.” “Was there anything else you wanted my lord.” “Yes, you were a smith of tachyium, were you not.” “I was my lord, and I see that you want me to engineer my greatest creation yet. If that’s the case I will start on it right away my lord.”


Triblader the magnificent

By: Victoranian

I saw the forge that Thruhran started, and was excited to use my new tool of peace, for I would only be able to use it during the rest of the war. I believe that I could lead my people to vanquish the horrible Blarglorgyans once and for all. My custom sword that Thruhran crafted me has the ability to reflect cannon fire, turn into a shield, and turn the blades at any angle at will. This will be the most powerful weapon in the universe, the weapon to win this war, and the tool to forge a bright future full of hope.

Thruhran finished the sword he named the Triblader for it had three blades intersecting each other at an one hundred and twenty degree angle. This functions well because I could block any attack and then roll the enemy’s weapon off my leaving them exposed for a powerful slash. I would then be able to memover to the next enemy even if they are directly behind me. He also explained that if I could land a strike from the center point it would stun the opponent from a powerful shock. Then he told me to handle it with care, and don’t let it fall into the wrong hands. What odd advice I thought at the time for why would I give my weapon up to anyone. I thanked Thruhran for his forgery abilities, and went to the Order of Tachyon to discuss the means of fighting back the enemy. They were shocked by my decision as to make an army to counter act the Blarglorgyans, but they thought that would have been what Electruthez would have wanted.

The first battle I lead was the battle for Dischardia, which was the most latest planet conquered by the Blarglorgyans. We had spent a month of preparing a fleet of warships to fight off their armada around the world. The cannons that we developed were the same technology that our friends, and allies, the Corlactarians engineered. The power of our attack overwhelmed them quickly allowing us to send transports there to fight the land battle. What we didn’t expect was there being cannons on the world’s surface blasting at us destroying three of the five drop ships. The Tachyeans in them were fine, but losing the ships was a great loss. This was our time to prove that we could defend the universe no matter the cost. We ran to battle to see thousands of Blarglorgyans waiting for us. I lead the charge killing off five Blarglorgyans in the first minute with ease. Now that I allowed the Tachyeans to kill the Blarglorgyans they generated thin blades that could stab quickly and slice swiftly to confuse our enemy. With that initial charge we were able to slaughter hundred of them before we made a border for our base area. Then we defended the area, so our dropships could get the troops down without delay or damage. I couldn’t believe how effective we were that day. The first day we took the land offensive through a tenth of the planet knocking out three super blaster that the Blarglorgyans had.

Then day two came with more victory with a third of the planet and fleet of the Blarglorgyans destroyed, and we were able to save many of the captured Tachyeans, and other beings from their prisons. To find then still alive was the best thing of this battle. Then it would be the next day where I discover my mistakes in life.

Day three arrived with Thrirana coming to the planet to lead his army against us. This was our worst day for with Thrirana was another fifty ships and ten thousand men to continue the fight for the planet. Then with his general rank and skill he was able to set back our fleet a whole twenty percent of what we gained thus far and send our land assaulted back half a day of progress. Just when I thought I was finally helping my people they were able to come back with a force powerful enough to wreck our hopes of save the planet. I decided that we still had a small chance to save this world, and start the comeback in this war. We were able to have a fresh start to day four of the battle to find that their leader was more focused on the space battle above. This was our chance to take advantage of the ground attack. We charged in with full throttle at the nearest cannon ready to take on the next wave of enemies. Our assault began well for the Blarglorgyan forces couldn’t compete with our speed, but then more of them started to flood into the area. We were ready to take it on, and I have Triblader at hand I lead the counterattack. I swept through the heads of the Blarglorgyan enemies to find that there was only another few hundred nearby. This would go quite fast when we put the first dent in of the day. It only took about an hour to defeat the forces, and there I had an idea. I told one of the Tachyeans to man the cannon, and reprogram it to blast the opponent ships, but they didn’t even have to do that for there was Blarglorgyans using the cannon. We took them out cleanly and started to use the cannons to our advantage. We were losing the sky battle at the time, but with the cannon fire on the opposing ships they started to fall back on the sky front. Then they started to aim for our cannon, which was in the open making us easy targets. We decided to take on the next cannon to use, but that one was much more well guarded than the previous one. By the time we took over that cannon we lost the first one, but when we gained control the new one the fight was ours for the taken. The cannon alone was responsible for destroying twelve blarglorgyan battle ships. Then that was the system we decided to use against the enemy taking new cannons to blow up their sky assault.

That lead to the end of day four with our victory in view. Then day five rolled in with the cannons guarded by at least two thousand troops and the battleships were aimed right on top of us.We started to regroup to find that they brought the cannon to crumbles of what it use to be. Then Thrirana made a statement with the communicators,” Give up feeble lizards for we have won this battle no matter what you do. The only way we will leave this world is if you give up your Lord of Tachyon. If not I will make sure of it that none of you will make it out of this battle.”  

This was the moment of truth in this battle.  I could either give myself up, and win the battle, or give up, and show how weak we as Tachyeans are. I have to win this battle, so that we can encourage others to defeat this monsters that are destroying the universe with this war. This victory is worth more than my self.

“Everyone, I your Lord of Tachyon have decided to give us this victory. I am sorry for any grieve that this may cause, but we must stay strong, and save the universe from these monsters, no matter the cost.” I turned to the men of my army, and saluted them as I flew up to the mastership of the Blarglorgyan fleet. There stood Thrirana with what I could assume a smile on his face as he saw me coming. They have come a long way since the first time I meant the Supreme Blarglorgyan on their home world. He was getting his sword ready to land the final blow on me. “Wait, I will go with you if you can defeat me, one on one, no one else can interfere.” “Oh you want to battle me, lord of Tachyon, I thought I would fight your greatest warrior, but you will do.”

So the battle began, with a fast swipe of Thrirana’s sword destroying a bit of his ship, luckily it missed me so I didn’t have to die to quick. I went in for a clean strike to the chest only being blocked, and thrown against the wall. I went in for another strike to find out that he has Tachyium armor on so the blade only chipped a bit off of the armor. Then he swung his sword directly at my head. I was able to duck down fast enough to not lose my head, but a bit of my wing was cut off by it. I was shocked that his is so fast, I went to generate a shield. Then it was instantly smashed by his powerful attack. I realized there was one way to do damage, but it is very risky. I waited for him to come at me, hoping this would work. He started to charge with full force at me with sword ready to swing. He went for the attack then I was able to blocked it,(also being smashed) then using the Triblader’s special ability to rotate his sword out of the way, and slashed off one of his arms. Blood followed by a yelp of pain from Thrirana was the advantage I needed. I then went for another arm and it flew right off drizzling the goo over us, through it I was able to see the fury in his eyes. This followed him charging at me, grabbing his blade, and ending the battle once and for all. Then he threw me into space with him and the armada leaving the world, giving us the victory we needed. Maybe one day my child will find this recording to know that I tried my best to end the war.

The Final Battle

(Lord Gladatorus viewpoint)


        “After all that we have worked for, we are finally back where it all started, Waria. I have done all of this work for you, my father, my grandfather, my great grandfather, and all the other great fathers that have fought to get to this point. To all of those who have lost our lives in this dreadful war, to those who sacrificed themselves to advance us far enough to get here, and to those who tried to get us this far that have made sacrificed. To get here after the amount of over hundred thousand year to get to this battle, it took so many to do this, but I am here for him, for Victoranian my greatest ancestor, my greatest father.”  

        “We have worked all our lives for this final battle, to those that have been invaded by these monsters known as the Blarglorgyans, we thank you for helping us get to where we are today. We appreciate all that you have done from defending yourselfs without us to show your strength, to designing the greatest of weaponry to combat our enemy, to even controlling the ships that we lead to battle, you have all done your best up til now, I expect nothing less than our victory today from the finest in the universe. You all have made it here from your hard work, no matter what species, or rank you are in this army you have earned your way to gaining my eternal respect. And if this is where we lose the battle, I hope to see all of you in the grand place of the afterlife, not to dread, but to be happy that you tried to do the impossible. Now with that all said it is time to plan the proper execution of this battle.”

I was ready my whole life to be able to end this war. I wanted it over as badly as everyone else, the difference is that I have worked the hardest. I have lead our armies to many victories, and only lost one battle. That battle being my first one, and it actually being a tie, I still considered it a major loss. That is why I made sure of it that we would win every battle after, to respect those who I sacrificed in my first battle. Then after hearing the legends of my ancestors, I wanted to be the one to end this for them, so they don’t need to feel the regret of not winning the war anymore. I then saw how everyone fought so hard to keep their land from the Blarglorgyans, and I wanted to repay them back by ending this once and for all.

We would be getting into the range of the planet in a few hours, and I was getting very antsy at the time. This is how I would show that I was nervous, but everyone just thought that I was ready to defeat the Blarglorgyans. I was actually very nervous for my task to end this war was to defeat Thrirana for he still lives with Tachyium support systems throughout his body making him half Tachyium. The goal to defeating him was to avenge Victoranian, and to have the Blarglorgyans have temporary panic, just enough to leave the planet, and use the secret weapon on them. Why would I still need to be down there if the secret weapon works so well that I would have already avenged Victoranian, well I needed to get TriBlader for it was the key to true vengeance.

The plan was that the first of the ships to get there would attack the northern part of their armada, then while their ships move over to that sector we would come from the southern part to pull the forces in half with the East and West clear for landing ships and to attack behind the forces we pulled apart surrounding their atmospheric front. Then I and the ground troops would go heading directly to the Battle tower, destroying heavy cannons on the way. I myself would then leave the group and head there by means of speed craft that I would be captured in to go directly to The Supreme Blarglorgyan hisself. He, and I would them have our battle to decide this war, then if I were to perish they would just launch the secret weapon without me, ending the war, but if I win the battle I would announce that to all the Blarglorgyans to cause a bit of panic so I could just slip away back to the ships with the rest of the ground forces leaving planet to get away enough to launch the secret weapon.

That would have been great if that was the way the war ended, but I wasn’t so lucky. We started to descend to the battleground where this long awaited battle will take place. The plan started to work a bit with a good fifty percent of the ships in the middle clearing out of the way to the North and South of Waria, but it wasn’t all of them, so we had a little bit of a sky battle with a few of the ships destroyed during the process. After about two hours we were able to land some of the ground ship with the troops ready for battle. The space affair was going well for that the plan was working better than expected with, but it wasn’t flawless work so about a third of our ships were goon. Luckily more than half of theirs were destroyed, giving us the edge we needed for this fight.

The land battle was going slow for a lot of rubble was falling on top of us while we descend to the tower. I could feel the lives lost of above, which still haunts me to this day. I stayed with the ground troops until they were able to get to of the Heavy cannons under our control. That was when I slipped away to find a direct path to the tower. That was when I ran into a group of the Blarglorgyans. I generated my trident ready to fight off this group so that I wasn’t captured by a small camp. I went in to see the Blarglorgyans looking at me odd as usual, for most of the Blarglorgyans only see male Tachyeans in battle. I being female through them off a bit, but they still went to rip me to shreds. I stabbed through the whole camp of seventy of those monsters. I continued with swift movement only to find the next camp, large enough to capture, in an hour. I could smell the blood of the Blarglorgyans meals for they eat raw meat. I always felt enraged when they slaughtered those poor animals on their planet for they were so peaceful in comparison. I went in throwing multiple tridents at the crowd puncturing their heads with ease, oozing their goos. Then one of them realized that I was the Lord of Tachyon, so they called for the elite Blarglorgyans to deal with me. I destroyed five of the ten of them before letting them take me. I felt satisfied with my result in this attack.

The travel over to the tower was quite fast, or at least felt like it for the fact that I could just have been nervous that this next battle could be my last. I decided that it would be like any other battle, so as long as I didn’t give up, and tried very hard I should be injured to bad. I have prepared my whole life to get back TriBlader, and I wasn’t going to come back empty handed. When we got there it seemed very quiet for some odd reason. I can’t explain the feeling that I had in there, but I do know that something was wrong. We continued walking down a very large hallway, even large for the Blarglorgyans which seemed peculiar to me for I thought that they built things big even to barely fit them in places as seen with there other buildings on worlds they have conquered. Me being there seemed out of place like I shouldn’t have come today, but that wasn’t going to stop me. The Entrance was in front of us ready for us, but they decided to throw me in there instead of walking me in.

He was there in his throne, starting to get up, clearly exposing the new Tachyium parts he inserted into his body.”Wow, what a surprize it is for you to be here, my young opponent. I thought I was going to be alone when my victory came, but with you here things just got very interesting. My guess of why you’re here is probably right being that you want Victoranian’s sword back, but that is my weapon now; my trophy. The only way to get it is by ripping it out of my cold dead Tachyium hands puny lizard.”

He went for the charge, for which I dodged at ease. He was a bit surprised by the look of his face. So he activated TriBlader to come for the next attack. I then generated my tridents, and started to hurl them directly for his head, but were blocked by his speed with TriBlader. I created my sword to then strike right at him, but blocked with TriBlader again. Then he use the turn affect to try to get me on the ground for his ending blow, but knowing of such technique I released my sword and got another one for a side blow. Sadly he was able to predict that I was coming in, so he jumped over and tried to land an air smash. I got my ground away from his attack to then stab his back only to find that he was covered with Tachyium shielding. He was getting upset by the looks of things, so he started to use his fake hands to blast a wave of Tachyium shards at me. I quickly made a shield to defend to find that he was able to run me over, so I jumped over and decided to use his move against him by blasting shards from my hands, which I didn’t know was possible before.


Meanwhile The ground forces were going well for that they have collected about twenty cannons to combat the Blarglorgyan armada. They were continuously fighting off hordes of Blarglorgyans from every direction to defend the cannons. Blood always flying, with dead of both sides lying on the ground as the ground fronts clashed. The general of the ground assault, general Bakwavera, decided it was time for the ground assault to get to the tower, so when the time comes They can escort the Lord of Tachyon out with ease. They started the march to the Tower leaving half the army there to defend the cannons. As they marched, they would rip apart any camps they came by with ease for the large number in the march compared to the small camps. The more camps they destroyed, the less the other would have to fight later defending the cannons. Ooze was everywhere on the planet’s surface now it started to affect the color of the atmosphere from the view of the sky battle. As they continued to get closer the cmps only grew in number until they got to one large even to take on about half the forces that Bakwavera was leading. He decided to go through it even if he loses troops for the fact that if this camp is in the way then it would be almost impossible, and this would be the closest large camp to the cannons so if we left it, it would be the one to attack us. So the attack on the large camp began with many Blarglorgyans dead, and limbs of both species in the air like fireworks. Bakwavera tried to lose the least amount of men as possible, but the move the Blarglorgyans died the more likely we would lose another Tachyean. The power of their army was quite grand, but Bakwavera wouldn’t give up. The fight was a flood of blood from the Blarglorgyans filled with shards of tachyium from the Tachyeans. It was harder battle than the general imagined with their being elites in the camp ready to tear us apart. Luckily he was very experienced with the elites through the last few planets that they won back from the Blarglorgyans. The attack was still hard to handle, but with the speed that The Tachyeans were using, they were able to overcome the camp with only a third of the army’s lifes. They still had a large way to go until the tower, but they should have a direct path there.


He was going faster with every attack it seemed at the time. I couldn’t believe how well he has mastered the Tachyium, but I wasn’t going to let him win. I have worked to hard to lose to this machine that is the Supreme Blarglorgyan. This is not the place I will fall, I will defeat him, and I will bring everyone back together. ”I see you are shocked by my impressive powers over your pebbles, silly lizard. I am the master of the universe, and I will not be destroyed by a half sized reptile like yourself. I have come to far to lose my hundred thousand year rule over the universe. I will devour this universe in chaos with myself as its ruler, and you will be dead by my hand. In fat You’ll make a lovely throne after I’m done with you so that you can experience the suffering you couldn’t prevent.” “ Why can we just end this war and just have peace, that is all we ever wanted. I didn’t want you, nor your people to suffer this dreadful battle. Why don’t you understand that, aren’t you a leader? Doesn’t that make you responsible for your people to live.”

We were still fighting of  each other of course, but now I wanted to at least try for the peace that has been waiting over a hundred thousand years because of this war. He was using TriBlader better than I thought it could ever be used. Though the sword itself did all the work with it being able to reflect a lot of the shots. Then when I do go in for the blow, he just would turn the attack away. I was faster though allowing me to be able to dodge the counter attack he would try to pull on me. The more we fought, the realization that we were evenly matched came over us. The battle though would have to end at some point because one of us would eventually run out of energy to fight the other. The question was who was going to drop first.

 “I know that I lead my people, but they all want the same thing, power. That is what I intend on giving them, without the power that we seek then we will never be able to stop wanting more. We are a race of warlords, that must be understood to know why we do what we do. We kill because that is what we were made for, not because we like to do it. All I want is a distraction from the fighting, so that we don’t die from each other. That is why we need to kill everyone else, so we finally become satisfied. Can’t you just understand what it is like to be raised and engineered by your creator to kill everything in their path. If I knew how it was like to be free of murder then I would surrender to your race, but the others would kill me, and then there would be another me to fight all over again. I’m sorry if you expected peace from us monsters, but you should have realized the mistake you made when you first found us. If your race wasn’t so curious then none of this would have happened, and maybe you could have been with your father now instead of fighting this idiotic war.”


The skies were full of explosions that if landed on any ship would instantly destroy it. The Space general, general Yerwacves was leading this assault against the armada with great guidance. The armada was weakening with every single passing moment with the power of the land cannons, and the cluster destroyers. The cluster destroyer were designed by the Corlactarians to be able to send multiple bombs at once with a single shots, so even if the shots was off it would blow up if they ran into it sinking the ship to the planet’s surface and smashing more of their land troops. This war wasn’t our for a long shot though as there was still many ships on the surface of the planet blasting down our ships, and they outnumbered our fleet about ten to one. The general wasn’t worried though for they still had the secret weapon, the Neo-clear. It was a very radioactive bomb able to spread about a hundred million kilometers around the planet. This would win us the war by the fact that Tachyium can’t handle neutron or gamma radiation, it would just fall apart and then explode in a range of fifteen kilometers.

The general was waiting for the single from the Lord of Tachyon to prepare the release of the bomb. I would have moved faster back then if I knew he was toying around with the remote that could start the sequence of the Tachyium’s destruction. The bomb would also have the power to kill every Tachyean that was in range of it. He though was just antsy to end this war, so that we can finally have peace in the universe. The battle was going slow for that front, and it was hard for them to be able to last as long as they have. This war was going to finally end with the best ending we could come up with.


“I never thought of it like that, but can’t you change and end this,” I asked. This battle has been going on for about three days, and now it seems that both of us have slowed down by a bunch. I was wanting it all to end, but I couldn’t just give the single and leave, I came here for TriBlader, and for Victoranian, and I wasn’t going to give up the chance. “It is too late, we are already here fighting for the universe. All I can hope for is defeat if I want the violence to end.” He was coming at me with full force with TriBlader, then I remembered something. The sword had only one weakness, and that weakness was if it were not barred by Victoranian because it was the exact size for him, and if the size wasn’t a match to his then the hands would be free to hack off. That is what Thruhran told Victoranian before the great lord of Tachyon saw his demise. With that at mind I ducked when he tried to land his strike. Then I went under the sword, and cut off his last two real hands. He screamed in agony from that attack, and then grabbed me with the Tachyium arms ready to squish me to a pulp. “I thought you Tachyeans would have learned by now, I guess not.” Then he grabbed my wings, and tor then off. I felt so defeated. “Ha! Now you are the lizard that I have always wanted to murder.” I felt the Tachyium hands get a grip of me again. I couldn’t defeat him, I have lost. I sorry my ancestors, my you at least know that the war will be over after my death. I felt very cold by the Tachyium hands he was holding me with. Then I realized something that might just work. With my one free hand I took hold of his hand, then it let go.

What just happened. Get back here you lizard.” He went for me for a fast tackle, but then he stopped mid way. “How are you doing this.” “I am the Lord of Tachyon, I control the power of Tachyium, and all that it creates. Now look at yourself, and realize that you are mainly Tachyium now. This victory was from your idea that you could use our technology against us, well that is why we will win this war.” I started to expand the Tachyium veins and arteries that are inside of Thrirana.”I see. You have out played me young Tachyean, I am impressed by your intelligence, it allowed you to lead your army to defeat the ultimate menace to the universe. I congratulate you for being the only being in the known universe to vanquish me in battle. I know that as I grow here stuck in my place, you are waiting for me to explode from the pressure of the veins and arteries increasing. I know that I was nothing, but a monster for your family for over a hundred thousand years. I would at least like to know how you plan to win this war, so I may not feel guilty when you kill them off.”

I was picking up TriBlader while he was giving his speech. I then felt the power of the TriBlader as I held it in my hand. I decided that he was no longer a threat, so I kept him there and told him about the weapon. “Oh, that was your plan to defeat us. The Neo-clear sounds like it could be capable of being dangerous to all who are affected, unless you found a way for it to only be able to affect the Tachyium. I should have known that this was a losing battle, if I did I would have just given you the sword, and then leave the planet it start my comeback somewhere else. At least I was defeated by the finest warrior in the universe, or else I would have been disappointed.” This was his final minute of live, and I felt guilty for killing him off this way. “I will spare you from me Thrirana, if you can leave, but by yourself. I don’t want to be the one to find out that you have started a new war or else I will rip you apart. I will first test your strength in case you were to try to kill me still ok. I will admit, you were the greatest warrior of the universe, the only reason I won was because you were using the wrong weapons.” I encased him in a chamber of Tachyium weak enough for him to break through, but strong enough to give me some time. I left with TriBlader at my side to see my success.

I found the army waiting for me to exit the tower with of course cannons aimed at the throne room for if I lost. I thanked general Bakwavera for waiting on me to exit. We then informed general Yerwacves to prepare the Neo-clear for launch.

It only took about two hours for us to leave the planet's surface with the rest of the ground forces. We met up with the space fleet, and decided that it was time to drop the Neo-clear. We were leaving at that point so there were no worries of some of us dying from the blast. The general’s ship had the Neo-clear and that meant it was the last to leave. He released it when the last ship was far enough away to be safe from the blast. The Neo-clear was heading toward the planet at about a thousand kilometers and hour. The bomb ship was the fastest ship, so it got out of there quick. The bomb was going to land in a few minutes when a small ship flew pass the bomb at light speed. Then it hit ending the Blarglorgyan war or what is more known as the Anti-Tachyon war for it was the slowest war to be had.