Marlborough Theatre Technical Specification

(as of 22.11.17)


Methods of Dimming

There are 24 available channels in the Theatre Space divided across four overhead lighting bars. The overhead lighting bars are soft patched to three Beta Pack 3 dimmer packs located by the Tech Booth (see Stage Plan here).

There is an additional Beta Pack 3 dimmer pack to a power source onstage.


Channels 1­18 located at FOH ­ 15a plug outputs                                                        

Channels 19­24 located in upstage left wing ­ 16a plug outputs, with 15a adapters

Lighting grid made up of 4x 6 way IWB’s, each with additional 5pin DMX out and 13amp (non­dim) power.

Lantern Stock

(all lights fitted with 15a plugs)

­ 4x 575w Source 4 Zoom 15­30

­ 2x 650w Selecon Acclaim Profile ­ 4x ADB Zoom 59 Profiles

­ 4x 500w short nosed Parcans

­ 3x 500w floodlights

­ 4x 650w Strand Quartet 25

­ 5x 650w CCT Minuette Fresnel

8x 650w Selecon Acclaim Fresnel ­ 4x Showtec LED Par (RGBD)

Additional extras

4x 2 way 15amp Grelcos

12x various lengths of 15amp TRS

6x low level floor stands

Barn doors and gel frames

Assorted gel offcuts (Please note it’s advised for companies to provide their own gels if specific colours are required)

Lighting Control

­ Zero88 Jester ML24

Manual and Quick Start Guide (if you are unfamiliar with this desk we recommend you look at these before your visit).



2x RCF Acustica C3110 speakers

Mackie Running Man ProFX16 Mixer (10x mic input, 4x stereo line input, 2x aux out, onboard fx)

1x Mackie Running Man Active Monitor

2x Alto Active Monitors (Stands available)

CD Player

Mini Jack (iPod) cable

16/4 stagebox from FOH to DSL


Additional Sound kit

2x Shure SM58 with clips

1x Shure PG48 with clip

2x DI box (Passive)

5x mic stands

Various lengths of XLR and Jack cable Yamaha MG10/2 mini mixer



Epson EB­U32 ­ 200w Projector (1920 x 1200)

HDMI & VGA cables run to FOH, can be run to stage on request Thunderbolt to VGA/HDMI/DVI adapter



6x 12.5kg stage weights

2x removable 1.5m flats

Removable stairs onto stage (2ft)

2x 2ft black wooden cubes

Various length 13amp power extension cables


For any queries please get in touch via