Year 1 - Term 1 - 2015 - Newsletter

Welcome from the Year 1 Teachers.

With your support, this year will be an exciting and enjoyable year of growth and learning for your children.

Dates for this term

  • 5 Feb -  Soccer Skills
  • 12 Feb - Parent Orientation - 9:30am
  • 19 Feb - Parent Evening - 6:00pm
  • 22 March - School Gala
  • 23 - 28 March - Life Education Caravan
  • 26 March - 3 Way Conferences
  • 2 April (Thursday) - Last day of term 1 School finishes at 3.00 pm

Introducing the Team

Room 1: Mrs Susanne Kerr

Room 2: Mrs Pauline Grainger

Room 3: Mrs Keryn Scott  and Mrs Worsfold

Room 4: Mrs Narelle Bovill

Room 5: Mrs Vanessa Koroa

Room 7: Mrs Susan Nelson

Litter Free Lunches

As an Enviro School we are working towards being rubbish free. We encourage you, where possible to send your child’s food in reusable or recyclable containers. We recycle fruit and food scraps at school by feeding the scraps to the worms in the worm farm or putting them in the compost bins. The children are asked to take their other rubbish home each day. Some children suffer from food allergies. Therefore, children are not allowed to share any food or drinks with other children. Fizzy drinks, lollies/chocolates are not allowed in school. We would recommend the following items in your child’s lunch box - water, sandwiches and fruit - cut into manageable pieces.  Lunches may be ordered at school. See you child’s teacher for details.

Uniform Reminders

Please ensure that all uniform items, including sweaters and shoes are named.  If hair is touching the collar it needs to be tied up. (This includes boys with long hair). This also helps reduce the spread of head lice. School hats are also required this term. we have a ‘No hat - No play’ policy.

All shoes need to be BLACK.  This means no extra colours with bright laces.  Please do not purchase shoes with heels.  Shoes with Velcro are great, summer and winter.  It is a good idea to pack a rain jacket for your child.  


Your child will bring home a reader, a library book or a poem book each night. They will also have a written activity to complete. Please support your child to do these tasks and encourage them to read daily. It is only by practise that we can improve. It is also important to read to them frequently, research shows that children who are read to often will become good readers themselves.

Please help your child remember to return their library book to the class before their class library day.


We will be swimming this term. It is important that your child comes prepared for swimming on the required days. All swimming gear brought to school needs to be in a named waterproof bag. Please ensure all items of the school uniform, including footwear are named. Please remember, underwear needs to be named as well. If the weather is changeable, the teacher will make a decision whether the class swims or not.

Being Prepared for the Day

We ask for your support in ensuring that your child brings their bookbag, books, hat and togs to school every day.

It is a good idea to set up a routine for the day;  The time you leave home and what you do when you get to school.  Routine for children is very settling.  The first bell goes at 8.30 am, this is when the children can come into the room.  It helps the children prepare for the day if they are in school well before the 8.55 am bell, this is when the school day starts. It gives them time to settle.

Please note school begins at 5 minutes to

9:00 am, that is 8.55 am.

Activity Payments

These payments cover the costs of trips outside school, visitors to the school, other in school activities that are added to the programme and swimming instruction. You can pay by the year or by the term. You can even pay weekly, which makes them very manageable. Speak to your child’s teacher or the office staff about this. It helps to have these payments made as soon as possible so your child can participate fully in the many programmes.  You can pay directly into the school bank account, make sure you use your child’s name and room number as a reference


Contact with and from school

There are many ways we can contact you and you can contact the school.  




Smart phone app



The year 1 teachers are in their rooms at

8.30 am and after school, but often they attend meetings after school so leave the room once the children have gone.  They always have time for a chat, but if you wish to discuss something in depth, see them to make an appointment so you do not feel rushed.

You attendance at the Information Evening on

19 February at 6 pm will be very valuable, please come along. 

We look forward to working with you in 2015