Middletown Springs Public Library


Regular Trustee Meeting

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

7 pm at the Library

Unapproved Minutes



Present: Kristal Hier, Diane Rosenmiller, Patty McWilliams.

Also Present: Kimberly Bushnell, Librarian.

Absent: Beth Miller, Alida Tarbell.


1.     Call to Order at 7:10 pm by Kimberly.

2.     Elect New Officers:

Patty nominated same slate as last year. Diane seconded. Motion carried.

a.     Kristal Hier, chair

b.     Alida Tarbell, vice-chair

c.      Patty McWilliams, treasurer

d.     Beth Miller, secretary

e.     Diane Rosenmiller, member-at-large

3.     Kristal then took over the meeting.

4.     Approval of Minutes – tabled until April meeting

5.     Policy Review & Discussion – tabled until Librarian is back from leave

6.     Treasurer’s Report – presented by Patty.

a.     Diane moved to approve; Kristal seconded; motion carried.

b.     Diane moved to approve Kristal Hier as a second signer on Library account at HFCU. Patty seconded. Motion carried.  Kristal to do this soon.

c.      Kristal moved to approve temporary help with catalog migration. Diane seconded. Motion carried.

7.     Librarian’s Report – presented by Kimberly

a.     New titles have been added to collection.

b.     New volunteers for Monday evening slots needed.

                                                  i.         Julie Scott is leaving us after years of dedicated service.

                                                  ii.         Elizabeth Cooper has a temp conflict but hopes to be back.

c.      Summer Program in planning stage. Theme is Music (Libraries Rock!)

8.     Rug Project – update

a.     Many donations received at Pie for Breakfast, more to go.

b.     Friends will write a check for their pledge now so that their contribution can be used to as the deposit.  Installation cannot be scheduled without.

c.      Installation to be planned for AFTER the Book Sale.

d.     Final plans for timing etc will be made at the April meeting.

9.     Book Sale – June 2 & 3

a.     Discussion about moving location of sale to MSHS. Weather has been an issue the last few years. Suggested that we ask David Wright if the building might be used Wed 5/30-Wed 6/6 to allow time for set up and clean up. [who said they’d do this?]

b.     Kimberly heard about an organization which picks up book sale remains. She will find out more and see if a pick up could be scheduled for Mon or Tues following the sale.

10.  Friends Update

a.     FOL is interested in possibly doing all or some of their yard sale in tandem with the Book Sale. Kimberly & Kristal will be at their next meeting to explore. If Book Sale moves indoors then the tents would be available. Concern expressed that timing is only two weeks after the Gardening Festival (May 19).

b.     Next FOL meeting  April 24

11.  Building Committee Update

a.      There are less people active on the committee due to temporary leaves of several members. They are looking to create several subgroups to focus on different topics such as construction, fundraising, etc. The subgroups would be made up of members and other interested people.

12.  Annual Appeal

a.     Decision to move the letter to May was reconfirmed. This gets it away from the Community Calendar and the Friends’ membership appeal.

b.     This year it will be a targeted letter sent to previous donors who did not give to Nov 2017 letter. With a full annual campaign in May 2019.

13.  Other Business

a.     Melissa was given high marks for keeping the library open and fully operational during Kimberly’s medical leave.

b.     On-demand water heater was replaced after breaking down. To repair would have been the same or more money and take longer. The old unit is thought to have been installed during renovations in the 90’s.

14.  Next Meeting Date: April 25, 2018

15.  Adjourned 8:25 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kimberly Bushnell

(temporary substitute minute taker)

Middletown Springs Public Library

Special Trustee Meeting

Wednesday, Feb. 19 2018

12:00 p.m. at the Library



Present: Alida Tarbell, Melissa Chesnut-Tangerman, Diane Rosenmiller, Kristal Hier, Beth Miller, Kimberly Bushnell, Patty McWilliams


1)  Call to Order at 12:06

2)  Approval of Minutes

·      Kristal moved to accept minutes; Beth seconded; motion carried

3)  Changes to and/or approval of Agenda

·      No changes

4)  Policy Review & Discussion

·      No policy discussion at this meeting

5)  Treasurer's Report

·      Alida moved to accept Treasurer’s Report; Diane seconded. Motion carried.

6)  Librarian Report

·      Kimberly will begin partial medial leave Feb. 19.

·      Either Melissa or Kimberly will plan to attend Regular Trustees Meeting where possible.

·      Newsletter to be handled by Melissa, Patty and Beth via email and scheduled to be out be March 1.

7)  Friends Update

·      Next meeting Tuesday, March 20 Beth and Alida to attend.

8)  Building Committee Update

·      still moving forward

9)  Old Business

·      Candidate’s Forum Sunday, March 25 3pm

o   Melissa to find poster; Robin will Moderate; Kristal to post to Front Porch Forum; set-up at 2pm Patty and Beth; Kristal to show at 2:30. Refreshments – Patty cider, Kristal cookies

·      Pie for Breakfast

o   Posters are up. Kimberly has done press releases. Kristal will post to Front Porch Forum, Patty to post on Facebook. More posters will be made for distribution by Alida.

o   Raffle is coming along well. Diane to ask Claudia if she help with the donations, set-up, and selling of tickets this year.

o   Alida overall in charge; also handling logistics. Kristal to get items from Historical Society. Kristal to find people to help reset tables. Lois to do table decorations.

o   Set-up Friday night – 5:30 – Patty, Beth, Kristal, other teens possible – Kristal to find.

·      Carpet Fundraiser

o   Beth to create physical display; Kimberly and Melissa to work on promo verbiage and handouts.

·      Shane will gratefully build the kitchen in time. Andy can put the casters on the bookshelves.

·      Blind date with a book going well.

10)  New Business

·      New sign board needs to be installed on existing structure – Patty will contact Andy

11)  Other Lawful Business

·      None

12)  Set Next Meeting Date

·      Next Regular Meeting March 28, 7pm

13)           Adjourn

Respectfully submitted,

Beth Miller