Email (excerpted), Rebecca Acuña, communications director, U.S. Rep. Pete Gallego, June 13, 2013

11:07 am

Congressman Gallego was citing documents from the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities. The CBPP has found that:


SNAP error rates have fallen steadily in recent years and are now at all-time lows.  Only 3 percent of all SNAP benefits represent overpayments, meaning they either went to ineligible households or went to eligible households but in excessive amounts.  In other words, 97 percent of SNAP benefits are paid in the proper amounts to duly eligible households. [see 4SNAP error rates attached]


They have also found that

While providing food assistance to a record number of vulnerable families, USDA and state agencies have been able to maintain accurate payments to eligible participants.  The error rate for overpayments at its lowest in the history of the program at 2.99%. [see 19-SNAP Fraud attached]




The information was given to our office by Roberta Downing who’s a Senior Legislative Associatio with the CBPP...




Rebecca Acuña

Communications Director

Congressman Pete Gallego (TX-23)