Monday 31 October 2016.

Yay! My nana's getting married. How exciting.

It was a cold dark Friday night when my family and I travelled to Hamilton, to the temple for Nana Mavis’s wedding.

It was a very bumpy ride. The road was very windy.

There was heaps of traffic in Auckland and it took a long time to get through the Auckland traffic.

When we arrived on Saturday morning we had McDonalds for breakfast because Nan was very rich.

After breakfast we started decorating the outside of the temple, so she could walk down the aisle.

When it was time for the wedding my Nana wore a beautiful white dress. She looked beautiful.

I was her flower girl. I felt overjoyed and excited.

My cousins were holding Nan’s beautiful dress. They were delighted, in doing this job.

When we finished the wedding we had a barbecue.

We had pork, steak, meat patties, lamb chops and salad. For dessert we had fruit salad and cake. It was delicious. After the barbecue we had a party. My aunty and I were playing on the piano.  The party was wonderful we had drinks and other stuff. What a wonderful day.