Police:   911  
Ambulance:  132    

Resources (Food, Shelter, Clothing, Crisis Response)

  1. Caritas - El Salvador
    Provides assistance to women in the form of crisis and emergency response.
    Address: Av. Olimpica and Pasaje 3, # 130, San Salvador, El Salvador, Central America
    Phone: (503) 2298-4302, (503) 2298-4303

Education and Empowerment

  1. Young Women's Christian Association (El Salvador)
    Provides assistance for women in the form of education and economic empowerment.
    Address: Urbanizacion San Ernesto, Pje, San Carlos No. 128, San Salvador, El Salvador
    Phone: 503-2261-0931
  2. AMCS
    Provides economic assistance and training for women in pursuit of empowerment.
    Address: 8A. Ote Street. and 4a. Av. Nte, # 203, San Miguel, Depto. San Miguel, El Salvador.
    Phone: (503) 2682-1600
  3. Association of Salvadoran Women (ADEMUSA)
    Provides assistance for women in the fields of health, education, housing, credit, repatriation, credits, among others.
    Address: Avenue Colonia Las Victorias, House N0. 33. Behind the Tres Torres, San Salvador
    Tel .: +503 2264598
    Fax: +503 2264598