Travel Tips for You and Your Pet


It’s a new year, and 2017 is shaping up to an excellent year for a little extra travel. If you’re like us, you need to plan months in advance. So while we were busy planning out our spring and summer pet excursions, we put together a quick list of tips and tricks when travelling with your pet. At Deceased Pet Care, we know your pet is part of your life while at home or on the road. So here’s to 2017 being a year full of adventure, fun, and fulfillment for you and your pet.

Papers Please

It may seem excessive, but it’s necessary to have all of your pet’s paperwork put together before a trip. If you’re traveling overseas or across state lines, paperwork is actually required by law. Make sure you have full records of rabies and other vaccinations. It’s also highly recommended to have a clean bill of health from your vet before taking trips longer than a few days.

Track ‘em Down

We all know travel can be crazy and stressful. Don’t let losing your pet become an additional item on your unplanned agenda. We recommend getting your pet microchipped if you haven’t already. It’s also important to make sure your pet’s tags are up to date with current information. If you’re using a crate or kennel, you should attach your vacation address as well as any new contact information such as a local or business phone number.

Slim Down

When travelling with a pet, you’ll get a bit more exercise than usual. It’s important to let your pet get rid of that pent up energy from the long car rides. We recommend stopping every hour or two so your pet can go the bathroom and enjoy a short walk. It cuts down on anxiety and decreases the risk of your pet mistaking your back seat as a portapotty. Any additional effort to ensure a smooth travel experience for your pet will be well worth it when you’re enjoying their companionship on your next adventure.  

Prep Work

Getting ready for the trip is usually the worst part of travel. But don’t let your pet’s packing wait until the last minute. Set aside smaller portions of food, bring bottled water, and toys for the car ride. Whether travelling by car or air, we like to have a designated pet bag prepped and ready for the journey. We like to include: medical papers, food, bottled water, necessary medications, a leash, bowl, waste scoop, waste bags, grooming supplies, and a favorite toy for a bit of comfort.

Keepin’ it Under Control

Just like you’d never pull out of the driveway without making sure everyone is buckled, don’t leave for any trip without make sure your pet is properly restrained. Sudden stops or swerves can prove dangerous to your pet. And in spite of the doggy smiles, we strongly suggest keeping pets out of truck beds when traveling. Sadly thousands of dogs die each year after being ejected from the truck bed due to unexpected vehicle movement. Invest in a proper doggy or kitty restaurant for the back seat of your vehicle. A pet is no less precious than you.

Don’t Walk Away

Travel is fun, but it can also be scary for our pets. Don’t leave them alone in places they aren’t used to. This can increase anxiety and the likelihood of accidents. Also, never leave a pet alone in a vehicle. Cars are notorious for either being ovens or freezers -- it’s not worth the risk. Just keep your pet with you whenever possible.

At Deceased Pet Care, we’re excited to see what 2017 brings. Even moreso, we’re ready to share every moment we can with our beloved pets. We hope you enjoyed our list, and there are many more tips and tricks to come this year. Do you have any essential travel tips for your pet? Let us know below, and as always, thanks for reading. We wish you a happy and successful 2017.