january 2016

good news

our urban village cohousing

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A lot has happened since our first info meeting in mid July. In September we welcomed several new Associate Members and, in mid-December, 4 families transitioned to become Equity Members.  As Equity Members they are in the queue to select their units and to vote on important decisions like choosing our site and developer.

We are on our way to our first milestone of 10 committed families, with  6 Equity households and 3 Associate households on board.

We’re looking forward to getting to know you too. Take a look at becoming a member to see if cohousing and our community works for you.

next steps

Our website is updated weekly. Please track our socials and meetings and come when you can.

Our next activities include 2 important workshops on affordability and building cohousing in a tower.


Louise, our terrific researcher, will present what she and Ginger learned  by interviewing several other cohousing communities.  Then, VanCity Credit Union will present specific information on costs to build in our ideal neighbourhoods.

Will cohousing in a tower work?

We may be trying something that has never been done before -- buying part of a condo tower for a cohousing community.

An architect has offered to make us a project for her grad students at UBC.  She will arrange a workshop to help us design a cohousing model for a highrise tower.  

The students will produce a report on OUV by the end of this semester. We feel fortunate to have bright young minds focus on our idea.

halloween pumpkin carving by our villagers

progress report

We’ve been hard at work at the 2 elements of making our urban village a reality, community building and finding a developer.

Community building

We’ve had social events - lots of them.  James and Jean-Marie have offered their house for 3 potluck suppers, morning meetups for our young families, holiday cookie decorating and pumpkin carving.  

At the end of November we had our second info session at Creekside Community Center with lots of enthusiastic attendees, some media and VanCity reps.

In September we spent an afternoon with our facilitator, Kathy McGrenera,  developing our vision statement.  She was surprised how quickly we came to agreement on our values and gave us confidence we have a community that can work well together.

We’ve also had some business meetings to nail down our concept of cohousing lite, reach consensus on how to welcome new members and learn about how to build a strong community (thanks to a workshop organized by Louise, Ginger and Susan).

Finding a developer

As we all know, finding land in Vancouver is challenging.  There are no lots currently available and our community is looking at as many creative options as possible to find a site that works.

James and Kathy met with 5 developers, an architect and a realtor that had been identified as innovators or who had projects in our favorite neighbourhoods.  After a meeting with members, we decided to focus on 2 kinds of projects: 3-4 floors of a highrise or a stand alone building.

One of Vancouver's’ largest developers is interested in working with us on a tower project, and there are still 2 low rise sites that are possibilities.  We are hopeful that we will be able to bring some choices to our members sometime in late spring.

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