Peer Coaching 2016

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Overview        2

SMART Goal        2

Successes        3

Areas for Growth        3

Evidence        3

Next Steps        3


My collaborating teacher and I worked together to prepare materials for our English 9 and academic skills development  classes.  She expressed a desire to use more technology in her instruction so we worked to “revamp” prior projects and units to utilize technology tools.  I choose my partner because, when I started at my current school four years ago, she was assigned as my coach.  Over my first year, she helped me tremendously and we worked really well together.  Having a confidant as well as a collaborator really helped me build my confidence as a teacher.  As time has passed, she has remained a mentor to me and I have become somewhat of a mentor to her as well.  I thought this would be a good opportunity to even out our roles and to distinguish myself as a coach.  I also wanted to help her combat some of her learned helplessness and dependency when it comes to technology use.  She is a phenomenal educator, so my goal was to help her feel empowered to utilize digital tools confidently.  



Areas for Growth


My collaborating teacher and I met about six times during the quarter, for about an hour each time.  Our work consisted of using the learning activity checklist located in my coaching toolbox to rework lessons we have both taught in the past.  These lessons were for English 9 and academic skills development, which is an English support class.  A few of the finished assignments and projects we created are included below.

Next Steps

  1. To continue combating learned helplessness, possibly by looking into how the growth mindset can be used in peer coaching.
  2. My coaching experience was very casual as I worked with someone I know well.  I would like the chance to work with people I don’t know as well to see what new challenges and opportunities that presents.  
  3. The feedback, which I used to note my successes and areas of growth, was very informal and is based on a discussion between my collaborating teacher and I.  In the future, I would like to use some of the feedback methods I learned in my module 5 blog post so I can better understand the role feedback plays in