My Speech

Who do you think are the most important people in your life?  Well, in my case, family is the most important.  So, today I’m going to talk about 3 reasons why family is so important in your life.

First reason about why family is important is because they protect you.  Family protects you from something dangerous and something that you scared of.  Family protects you from something bad, like: something that’s not helpful,  not good for you.  They keep you under their protection from outside danger, they provide the food you need, they gave you a home to live, they gave you lots of stuff to protect you and when you are having a nightmare and you woke up because there was a scary things , your family protects you from that too.  

The second reason why family is important is because they understand you.  Family understands you when you are sad or angry also they understand you even when you didn’t tell them how you feel.They understand you when other people don’t.  

They also understand you more than anyone.  My parents ask me after school “ How was school today?” and when I say sad, angry or bad feelings, they understand me how I feel, and I believe that your parents understand you too .

Lastly, family is important because they teach you.  They taught you most of things before you go to school.

They teach you how to behave and how to make friends, They also  taught you the most important things and the things that schools don’t teach,  They taught you to do the right things. Our parents taught us how to put on the seat belt, how to eat with your spoon and more special

things like others can’t teach.

Now, put your hands up if you think your family is important.  {ME!} Great, now I DARE you to do something.  When you get home, tell your family how important they are and tell them that you love them.

Thank you for listening my speech