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After reserving a meeting/event space through EMS, you will still need to submit an audiovisual setup request if your meeting or event requires audiovisual equipment and/or support.

Faculty who require audiovisual support or AV equipment that is not already in the classroom, should also submit an audiovisual setup request.

To request an audiovisual setup for a class, meeting or event please use our AV Web form at

We appreciate your giving us as much advance notice as possible. We may not be able to accommodate requests made with less than 24 hours notice.

For after hours events, please give at least 1 week notice.

To report a problem with audiovisual equipment please send email to or call the CIS Help Desk at 607-7777.

Once a request has been received, audiovisual staff will respond with a confirmation of your request within one business day.

Setup Options

There are three different setup options to choose from:

  1. The Audiovisual technician will bring the requested equipment to the designated room, set it up, and test to make sure that it is working properly.

The user is then responsible for running the equipment during the event. The technician will break down and pick up the equipment when the event is over.

While 48 hours advance notice is preferred, this setup option can usually be requested 24 hours in advance as well.

This is the default setup option for A/V requests.

  1. The Audiovisual technician will bring the requested equipment to the designated room, set it up, test it, and will then remain in the room for the duration of the event to oversee running the equipment.

This option must be requested at least 48 hours in advance so that a technician can be scheduled for the duration of the event.

  1. Users can request that equipment be set aside for them in the A/V office.

Users can then pick up the equipment themselves from the A/V office, set it up and then return it to the office at the end of the event.

Advance notice is still required for this setup option in order to make sure that the equipment will be available during the time period requested.

48 hours is still preferred, but 24 hours advance notice is also usually sufficient.

Users will also be requested to "sign out" the equipment when they pick it up.

For either option 1 or option 3, users can also request that an A/V technician meet with them before the scheduled event in order to demonstrate how the requested equipment is used.

The user should contact the A/V office in advance to request a demonstration and to schedule a time for it.

For after hours events or other events for which there might be charges, option 3 provides a way of minimizing those charges.

In all cases the more advanced notice the more likely it will be possible to provide the service requested.